Human/Pug Connection
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Thread: Human/Pug Connection

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    Default Human/Pug Connection

    What I'm referring to can be with any kind of dog, but we only have pugs. I've heard rumor that this exists, but can dogs sync their personality to their humans? I've noticed this trend in our three pugs. My mom's pug is very laid back and bossy, as is my mom. Her husband has very high anxiety and anger issues, as does his pug. Though I also tend to factor Kira's aggression to her hit and run accident last year. She was hit by a car and recovered but became a bit more aggressive.

    Anyways my pug does carry my characteristics, I have a decently high anxiety as does she. She has poor social skills, as do I. She seems just as uncomfortable with people around as I do. What's weird though is I thought she had separation anxiety on her own, but I realize that I get nervous and worried when she isn't home.

    They all have their own personalities, just they share major characteristics with us. It wouldn't surprise me if this phenomenon is true, just a curiosity of mine.
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    Many pugs have a very strong ability to sense how their people are feeling and so I can see how being around an anxious person could lead to anxiety in the pug. They can be so sensitive to our moods! Most of the time that is a nice thing... they comfort us when feeling blue, etc.
    I do wonder though if it's also a bit of "we choose a dog that mimics us" sort of scenario? If we're quiet and shy, we may gravitate toward a quiet and reserved dog.
    Interesting to ponder.

    As a related side note, if your pug is having anxiety issues and poor social skills, it might be a good experience for both of you to enroll her in a training or tricks class. She would build confidence by learning tricks and commands and the bond that the two of you have will grow in a positive way.
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    Yes I think that if an owner is calm, patient and positive in their approach the dog is likely to pick up on that and feel more relaxed themselves, so I guess more negative human behaviours would equally have some kind of an impact too
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