please wish me luck, we bring new puppy home tomorrow
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Thread: please wish me luck, we bring new puppy home tomorrow

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    Default please wish me luck, we bring new puppy home tomorrow

    Hi everyone,
    We are going to pick up the puppy tomorrow and I am very excited and a little nervous. I really hope that our 2 and a half year old pug Willy does ok. I cannot wait to meet her. We are picking from 3 females and I don't know how in the world we are going to choose, I'm sort of hoping that Willy will help us out on that, even though he will probably ignore them all.
    If you multiple pug owners have any advice for me or what I can expect please let me know. I probably won't sleep any tonight, I'm so excited but just a teeny bit sad that this is Willy's "last" night with it being just the two of us.
    I'm very new here and guess I should introduce myself on the meet and greet screen, I don't know how to do my avatar or post pictures yet.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Sit on the floor and see who crawls in your lap first... That is how I got Thelma & Louisie 12.5 long years ago!!

    Good luck! (And post LOTS of pictures!)

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    good luck. there is nothing better than a new pug puppy.

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    Default Puppy!

    It will be o.k. I still get sad sometimes when I think of
    how it was just me and Otis, but then I look at how
    much fun he has with China, and China I think will help
    keep him young, plus he was very timid before we got
    China, not any more. You will just have double the fun
    now. Mary Jo's advise, to see which one gets in you lap
    was a great idea. Just play with them, and cuddle them,
    and I promise the right one will just pop up.

    The Georgia Pugs
    If You Can't Say Anything Nice,
    Just Don't Say Anything.

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