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Thread: Second Puppyhood

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    Default Second Puppyhood

    Puggles is regressing into a new puppyhood.

    For years she has not played with any of her numerous toys. That is not to say they were neglected. She would take each one and place it strategically around the house so as to have one available if needed. She would never play with them, just quietly disburse them around the place. Everyso often I'd see that she had moved one or two of them.

    However, here in the last few weeks, she has been spending hours chewing on, shaking and rolling around on a couple of her old favorites. One being her old pink penguin and the other her lamb. Right now, she is shaking the leg of the penguin while laying on the lamb. Just like a pup, she carries them around, shakes them and guards them. This weekend she even jumped on the bed with one in her mouth!

    Maybe the stress of being Queen of All Pugs and Supreme Ruler of Alaska is getting to her??

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    How wonderful! Maybe she is finally getting used to where you now live. *LOL*

    I want pictures!

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    Oh gosh - I better tell that pile of toys in the basket there's hope for them yet!!! go Puggles!!!

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    Maybe it's a full moon - Ferdie who never plays with any of his toys although he distributes them about the house and tries to hide them from Bella - is playing all over with them this evening - rolling about and shaking them and just being a puppy again

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