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Thread: Food

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    Default Food

    I have 2 pugs 1 at 2 and 1 at13 week. I put there food bowls down 2 meters a part and I get them to sit and wait til I put both bowls down. They start eatin but if I leave the room the younger one sometimes goes a stray and wonders over to the older pugs bowl, to feed. When this happens a fight breaks out. My parents break it up. But I am the one who says leave them alone she is just telling him to get lost coz it's hers. Am I wrong should I continue to break it up of let her tell him who's boss. She is not an greasiness dog. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I fear an injury will undoubtedly occur to your 13 week old, who is just a baby. Leaving them alone, as you stated in your post, is a recipe for disaster and possibly tragedy...
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    Please keep them apart when feeding. It sounds like the older one wants to eat in peace and the younger one is testing the waters to see if he can get away with it.
    I am afraid of fighting over food because it could escalate into a bad fight and the baby would be hurt. You need to be real careful of the puppy's eyes.
    I've seen some food fights first hand and they can get nasty.

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    Sorry, but you need to protect the pup from not knowing any better; it only takes an instant before an eye is lost. You don't want squabbles over food to become accepted behavior. Once they are equals size-wise, you can let some good-natured wrestling take place (with supervision), but I would never let it happen over food.
    Good luck & welcome!
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    We only have one pug, Tiny,who is 9 years old this month. The only time she has ever shown aggression towards me was the one time I tried to touch her food bowl after she had started eating. This was a stupid thing to do and I can't even think why I did it - possibly trying to push it back onto its non-slip mat.

    I yelled at her to stop, which she did and it hasn't been an issue since. If we had another pug, I certainly would feed them separately, not sure how you do this but I know there are plenty of others who can advise you. Pugs are passive by nature, except where there food is involved.
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    Absolutely feed them separately as has been said. You don't want either of them to get injured.
    However, I would look into the best way to train your dogs not to be food aggressive. it's one thing to fight with each other over food but it is really not acceptable behaviour for them not to let you intervene /touch their food. Especially if you have young children who might go up to the dog when they're eating. It helps with the 'leave it /drop it' commands too. If my pug is eating a bone /pig's ear or whatever, he will happily let me take it from him for a minute and then give it him back. Never to tease him though. Also, my pug will quite often try and swallow a chew when it becomes small enough which could result in him choking. To prevent that the best way I can, I keep an eye and then take it away from him when it gets so small. I just trade him with a bit of cheese.

    Anyway, just ideas for the future! :) But for now, I'd feed them separately and keep them safe :)
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    Feeding separately will help avoid disaster and also ill will. Even our most experienced members feed separately to avoid fights that could even be fatal, especially with a baby and a resentful older pug. Mine love each other, sleep with each other and play with each other -- have for years -- but they have also started ugly battles over a single piece of food. Not worth the risk of terrible injury and bad feelings that can arise from common feeding, so they always eat separately behind a closed door or a baby gate or an x-pen. It's pretty easy: Peace reigns, everyone is fed, and no ill will is fostered.
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    My girls are 5 and 6 and I still supervise both daily feedings. Two reasons: so I know exactly what is consumed, should there be an issue or reaction; so I ensure there's no Un-necessary animosity due to food. They're both veerrryyy food focused! Best of luck!
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