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Thread: Observation question

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    Default Observation question

    I've noticed some subtle differences between Walter & Sirius. Sirius is a perpetual lap dog, happy to be on your lap or snoozing between your leg on the recliner, especially if he can squeeze his behind under my laptop which is often with school. Only time he wakes up is if I need to get up.

    Walter tends to sit more next to people or in his bed. Even when he's snoozing he will abruptly wake up and stare at me? Sometime he'll sit on the other end of the couch and stare only at me? With him being deaf I usually wave at him and he goes back to what he's doing, but sometimes he'll just stare at me more. I've tried patting the couch and making the motion for him to come over, but he just stares. I don't believe its the Caesar malarkey of establishing dominance especially with Walter since he's only gotten into one fight with Sirius since we got him over dirty clothes. I'm just wondering if it might be a sign of confusion, does he need something (I've tried going and getting him, but he doesn't seem interested), or is it a separation anxiety symptom of being dumped?
    This has been going on since we brought him home, when he's napping he wakes up. He makes sure he looks at me, I wave and he burrows his head back down for his nap. Sometimes, I know this sounds crazy he has a worried look on his face. I've tried recording him, but that little stinker I swear knows when my phone is pointed at him. Also if he wakes up and I'm not in the room he will dart from room to room to find me howling. When I leave I make sure to wake him up and tell him bye and he watches me go out the door. I've asked my neighbor if she heard them anytime while I was out, and she said not so much as a peep?

    His foster mom, when we got him said he never really bonded to anyone there and he'd get in some heinous fights with his brother he originally was intake with from the shelter, which I found weird since he pretty much worry warts himself over Sirius when we go outside, another reason they potty separate now, beside the I'll pee on that if you do,shenanigans they were doing. Just wondering if there's something I should do for him or is it normal?
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    We have the same issues here. Eddie most times wants to be touching or on top. Roxie must be on top if we are watching tv but at night when we all go to bed she will get up on the bed and lay at the bottom of the bed with her own special pillow and blanket. She never comes up to the top of the bed or under the blankets like Eddie. I have tried calling her to me but she just looks at me like I am crazy. She just prefers to sleep by herself (on the big bed of course).
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    Maybe he is just checking to be sure the wonderful new life is not a dream?

    Sissi prefers to sleep on the couch or under the table (which was moved for the tree) I catch her staring at times and wave to her pat the chair to see if she wants to come over. She often acts deaf, but then recently when I call her from the yard she comes seems to hear cooking sounds fine as well but a jar of pennies rattle behind her head does not even get ears wiggling, the vet said she has deafness then she seems to change her mind!

    I really do wish they could talk!
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    Minni will often stare at me while laying on somewhere besides on top of me.
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    I think Walter is looking at you and thinking, "I am the luckiest Pug ever and that's my Mommy!".
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    I too, wish they could talk! Sometimes, interpreting their expressions or reactions is so difficult. Like all dogs, Windi has dreams when sleeping. Sometimes she wakes up and looks/acts strange. She's been with me since she was 11 months. She always wakes...looks for me, then peekers, and seems comforted. I wish I knew what was truly on her mind.

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    He just wants to be reassured that you're still there and still love him.......
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    eye contact between humans and dogs - pleasant eye contact, not a dog starting or a human staring - stimulates the release of hormones, making you feel in love in both parties. Maybe he's after that feeling?

    Does he seem distressed? I know you say he looks worried.
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    Barry is similar. He will sit at a distance and give loads of eye contact. Rather intense on occasion like he's trying to pry into your mind....

    He's not to keen on being petted that much. Handled for training or agility, he's fine but he make a few stress indications if he's petted or fussed too much. So i think he sits out of reach, but likes the contact his glances our way gives him.

    Until sleepy, then he will clamber on the sofa and butt up against you to sleep, handle him and he's off (he will tolerate the occasional ear ruffle though)

    This is how i know if he's feeling ill, he gets all clingy and wants petting :D
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