Behavior issues immediately after Neutering our 6 month old pug puppy.
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Thread: Behavior issues immediately after Neutering our 6 month old pug puppy.

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    Default Behavior issues immediately after Neutering our 6 month old pug puppy.

    As the title suggests, we had our little guy neutered on Wednesday. Wednesday night he was of course a little groggy, but overall seemed fine. Thursday morning is when the problems seemed to start.

    Problem 1: He is more "bitey" now. We had an issue before and we were able to work with him especially as it related to our younger kids, and largely felt his biting was behind us. Yesterday he bit my son and actually broke skin, which has never happened before. Also, he play bites at me and he has not shown this behavior towards me in months.
    Problem 2: His training seems to have gone out the window. He grabs our kids toys and runs with them when we say "NO"(he used to either drop them immediately or simply not pick them up). He does not listen to "stay", and he is pulling like crazy on the leash again. I have taken him on a long, easy walk on Thursday(vet said this was ok), as well as tonight to try to burn some energy and it is just not working. Short of a long dog park visit I don't think anything will settle him down, and that is of course out of the question for the next week. In short, he is a misbehaved wild little animal terrorizing the house!(slight exageration, he will still listen sometimes...)

    The vet advised us to give him pain medication twice a day, half of a pill. The medication is called "Rimadyl"(25mg chewable tablets so 12.5mg twice a day). Could the pain medication be causing him to just not "care" so to speak, similar to a person that is all drugged up? If this is a short passing thing that is okay, and we can deal with it, but it saddens me that we brought our well behaved sweet little pug puppy in to have the "responsible" procedure done, and we brought home a tiny little terror. Cute still, but a terror none the less. Unsure if related, but he has been pooping massive amounts outside multiple times a day since this procedure as well. His food intake has not changed I don't know where all this poo is coming from!

    We only put his doggy disc collar on when he is sleeping or we can't watch him, he doesn't seem to be interested in his wound at all really so that is a plus. He seems scared and easily startled with it on.

    Any input?
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    It could be a side effect from the medication. I've found after spaying or neutering, most dogs do fine which just a day or two of pain meds. If it's effecting him in a bad way, then I would stop and see how he does without it.
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    Yup...I think the meds are messing with him a bit for sure. I've never had a male but when my girls were spayed, we had no meds past the first two days...least-way not for pain and/or mind altering. Seems like you've got this. Wishing you all the best.
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    Bugsy takes the generic form, carprofen for his arthritis. He takes the same dose, too.
    We haven't seen a huge behavior change, other than he's feeling better.
    He could be biting and misbehaving because he's not feeling up to snuff, or is having some pain.
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