With Pugs you need a camera 24/7!
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Thread: With Pugs you need a camera 24/7!

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    Default With Pugs you need a camera 24/7!

    Last night we went out for the last pee. I walked around and around the yard with Sissi following me hoping she would get the urge to poop never happened. As I was standing near the sleeping garden I looked up and could only find Angus and Meelah, Sissi was not at the back door or in the yard.

    Here is where a camera would have been great there is a post at the entrance to the yard and yes a Pug was "hiding" behind it, now it is only a 4 x 4 so it's funny I didn't see her at first. She is very sneaky she had the blind side out to the left of the post so the light was not reflecting off her only eye! When I saw her she stepped over a little as if to say no you don't see me! Wish I had better words to describe this or had the camera.
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    I can picture that late night game of hide & seek perfectly!

    I lost Bruno on the last pee outing last night too! Totally fenced yard, so I don't stay out with them. They 'go' better if I'm not spying on them, though I do peek through the windows to make sure Bruno has a squat. I let Diesel in, then went to the steps to pick up Bruno. Wasn't at the first set, so I tried the other. Nope! Went back in for a flashlight & circled the yard; no pug.
    Just started to get that panicky feeling & made another loop. Finally spotted him in a small nook of flower bed between the 1st set of steps & the deck. I have it blocked off with wire fencing to keep the dogs out, but he squeezed through it & couldn't get back out. Phew! Silly dogs.

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    When Winston would do that, i'd call it "Pug stealth mode."
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    Hide and seek. Too cute!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alix View Post
    I love this video, you can hear the owners scolding her, then they start cracking up when she hides behind the door!!
    Even if you do have a camera, chances are you won't be fast enough to catch their antics! Lol
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    I absolutely agree with you. I cannot count the number of times that i've had to look for Sammy after he disappears every so often when i take him out to poop. Thank goodness there is a wireless dog fence otherwise who knows what else he might end up doing at night when he tricks me into letting him go.

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