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I had a pug that I got when she was older and not used to being loose! I had to take a shower with the shower curtain open for a bit til she knew I'd be coming out! Etc!!!! If I left her loose in the house when I left, she freaked! I found that baby gating her in the kitchen with her bed, toys, water...giving cookies when I left. Telling her I loved her and that I'd be back soon worked GREAT!!!!

She's adorable!!! Enjoy a long life together!
I've tried to baby gate our kitchen, but she would cry and freak out and when I popped my head over to check on her, she had actually climbed and was hanging off of the baby gate so I needed to grab her quick because I didn't want her getting caught and possibly breaking or dislocating anything. This morning while getting ready, she was looking frantically for my wife after she left for work later than usual so we already through her off with that. Usually she falls back asleep on the couch and I can get ready while she's sleeping. Today she was wide awake and wondering where mom went. I left the bathroom door open while I got a shower, she laid outside of the door for a few minutes to make sure I didn't disappear and when I came out of the bathroom she made her way to the couch and looked rather comfortable. I'm going to try going for a bike ride this evening once I come home and let her out and give her some attention. I'm sure there will be a good bit of crying, but I need to keep telling myself that she'll survive. I'm not sure what I'm so worried about, I guess her feeling alone and scared.

Thank you everyone for the compliments! Our vet was also very impressed with her condition. She said something along the lines of, "she has perfect pug features without being huge health issues." She explained that sometimes that's pretty rare. She was also in very good shape weight wise when we got her, she was actually a little underweight which we found a little surprising.