Bob got kicked in PetSmart!!
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Thread: Bob got kicked in PetSmart!!

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    Default Bob got kicked in PetSmart!!

    I took Bob to PetSmart today to look for a new coat for him. His old one still fits him, but I get alot of cracks about how unmanly the coat is so I thought I'd look for something else.
    Now I almost never have Bob on leash--he hates, he walks nicely with me and with his somewhat awkward gait, it's just easier for him NOT to be on leash. He had his harness on and we were strolling the treat aisle on our way to the coats. A woman was squatting down looking at dog treats and bob walked over to her to say Hi and check out the treats. She SHOVED him away--really hard--which made Bob fall over and she then got up and KICKED HIM! By the time she kicked him, I was right beside him and I'm afraid I lost it a bit. I asked what in the hell she thought she was doing and she said that I should have my dog on leash and not roaming around "bothering people" and that she was going to report me to the manager--I said she could come with me while I reported her the manager for kicking my dog. She then spat on me and walked off.
    Can you believe that!! A number of people came up to ask if Bob was Okay and the manager asked the woman to leave the store. Bob was doing NOTHING. He wasn't even licking or sniffing or head butting her (which he does when he wants you to pat him).
    Fortunately, I'm well known at that PetSmart and I guess I shouldn't have had him off leash, but he's such an innocuous guy--who's he gonna hurt?
    Thanks for letting me rant.

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    wow. that is just disgusting behaviour on the part of that woman. good for you for yelling at her. i probably would have been tempted to kick her. what a total jerk.

    oh well. i'm glad she was asked to leave. petsmart is a pet friendly store, so what was her problem?
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    Blanche-OMG!!!! What a crazy B****h...... Poor Bob!!! Give him a little kiss for me.. Some people are just so mean.... I don't like that lady! Good for you for semi keeping your cool.. What a looney and she spit on you... GROSS..
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    That is totally unbelievable and has me so mad! What was that woman even doing in a pet store because I can't believe she'd have a pet if she'd treat a dog like that! I'm glad to hear they asked her to leave the store. Poor Bob. I'm glad he's o.k. Give him hugs from me.

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    OMG! Poor Bob!! I hope you did more than lose it "a bit" !! What a b****!! Oh, that makes me so mad I don't even know what to say. The nerve of some people. The scary part is that if she was in PetSmart she probably has a pet.

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    OMG! I would of lost it, too and kicked her! How horribly rude of her! And, she spat on you? Oh my!

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    OMG!!! I would have kicked the bitch in the teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I want to strangle her myself!!! Oh jeez I cant believe this. When I read the thread title I thought it said Bob got kicked out of Petsmart which would have been much better.

    The nerve of that maggott vomit

    Im glad sweet Bob wasnt hury badly. Give him a kiss for me on the lips!!! The Royal Pugs. Ellie Chance & Earl

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    oh my god!!!!!! What a biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor bob and poor you! I'm so glad you stood up to her!!! I just can NOT believe that! I would NEVER think of doing such a thing. I absolutely love it when other furkids come to me.
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    I will have to say that you handled that situation way more politely than I would have.
    I could almost, maybe overlook the push, I mean maybe she was frightened and just reacted in a panic but, the kicking, oh, being in the treat isle I am very aware of those 3 foot long rawhide bones and being hit with one before I know they could have gotten her full attention as to why she should not kick Bob. Ooh, that really makes me angry.x10
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChumleyPug
    That is totally unbelievable and has me so mad! What was that woman even doing in a pet store because I can't believe she'd have a pet if she'd treat a dog like that! I'm glad to hear they asked her to leave the store. Poor Bob. I'm glad he's o.k. Give him hugs from me.
    You took the words right out of my mouth. What a horrible woman!
    Give Bob some hugs and extra treats for me
    Janet & Daisydog

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