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Thread: Pug Fight

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    Default Pug Fight

    Got this email from my hubby (I'm at work)....

    Guess I can't give the girls their bones during the day.

    Rosie had her bone laying near her pillow, Sienna seemed interested and chewed on it a little. I gave Rosie the white bone but she prefers the chewy one so I grabbed Sienna's bone and swapped her for her own and gave the big chewy to Rosie. They each chewed on their own bones contentedly for awhile but then each wanted to chew on the other's. So to avoid a problem I finally took both bones away and put them up.
    A couple minutes later they both tried to get under my desk (maybe to beg for their bones back?). I attempted to lure Rosie out and that's when war broke out. I jumped in between them and Sienna nailed me pretty good in the right forearm, drawing blood. I managed to carry Sienna into the front room and close her off there so Rosie wouldn't pursue.

    After I got cleaned up I carefully checked both girls over. No wounds or anything on either so it looks like Daddy took the beating today. I got the one good bite and a couple of light bites. I didn't think Sienna could bite that hard but she was out to do some damage, same for Rosie.

    Anyway both are separated now and things are peaceful. I washed my wound with soap, then a little mouthwash (antiseptic), then remembered I had betadine so washed a bit with that. I coated it with some old triple antibiotic ointment and put a bandaid over it. It is no longer bleeding. Hurts though.

    I guess Sienna now knows whether or not Daddy tastes like chicken.

    It was a hard way to learn that I can't be allowing them in the same area when there is anything to chew around. I'm just glad they didn't do any harm to each other.

    For safety's sake, I'm going to keep them separated when I come to get you tonight. I don't want to risk them still being miffed at each other.
    Not the first time they've fought, but it sounds like they were really out for it on this one. It really upsets me when they fight. I love them and don't want anyone getting hurt.
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    bones can bring out the worst in them sometimes!
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    I stopped giving them to Lola and Ozzy because of this same problem. Now that Ozzy is gone:(....
    Lola is in heaven with her rope knots and bones!
    **Patrice - owned by Miss Lola Falana**

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    Bless his heart, a good and decent man. Treats like bones are taboo here, they illicit brush fire wars which bring no credit to anyone.
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    Girl fights are the worst! Glad your hubby has a sense of humor about it "I guess Sienna now knows whether or not Daddy tastes like chicken" hope he heals up quickly!

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    I have been real lucky with my boys. Elvis even though he tries to act like he is the boss will defer to Buddy D. All Buddy D does is give him the look and he backs off. It is quite funny.

    I am so glad your girls are ok, but feel sorry for hubby. Seems like he will need a treat tonight.
    Mom to Elvis and Buddy

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    What a lovely attitude to take! Impressed with your man's decency and humor (tastes like chicken, ha!), and hope he heals quickly from the damage inflicted by your li'l savages. (No judgment here; Sister and Lola can be just as thuggish, very suddenly too!)
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    I hope he heals up fast. If it swells a lot or is very painful he should get himself to the doctor, the majority of harm a dog bite does is not the puncture but the crushing power.

    Bones, sigh. As the above have said, they're likely to bring out the worst. Much like having only one of the very best sweet and a swarm of two year olds... When Kira is with us, bones are a crate-only treat, but even Vim and Talos, otherwise completely unbothered by each other, will get growly over bones.

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    Sorry to hear about the fight... those are always upsetting. And sorry to hear that your hubby got bit. I hope he heals quickly. The "tastes like chicken" comment made me LOL. We used to joke that when Nilla bit, she was saying "hmmm, needs ketchup!"

    Bones are too high-value here and have to be enjoyed in separate crates, or one pug in the house and one pug outside. As everyone else mentioned above, bones bring out that primitive instinct and even a sweet pug can turn into a thug with a tasty bone.
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