Stopped peeing in the yard!
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Thread: Stopped peeing in the yard!

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    Default Stopped peeing in the yard!

    Over the last few months Daisy very rarely pees outside in our yard. She prefers to pee when we take her on a walk. We walk her 3 times a day and she always goes when we are on a walk, but we normally come home at 6:30pm and then she doesn't pee until the morning walk at 6:30am. We always keep the door open to the yard and I go outside with her and shut the door but most the time she's not interested.

    She is 1 year and 2 months now, maybe she can control her bladder more then she could before? Is this normal behaviour?

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    IMHO 12 hours is too long for urine to be in her bladder. Can you fool her by putting on her harness and leash and walking her in the yard before bedtime?
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    The longest my guys wait to go out is about 8 hours at bedtime. I don't have a fenced in yard, but we go out on leashes every potty time, maybe start with leashes in the yard. Unfortunately, I only have boys and they love every opportunity to out pee each other. Sirius' tend to be more stubborn if he goes out first so a quick jog up the street or in the yard usually gets him to go.

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