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Thread: Pug shedding question

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    My fawn pug doesn't snore or shed much fur at all, but she is unusual in having a single coat and doesn't have a completely flat face either. From what people say black pugs don't usually shed so much as they mainly have a single coat. I've got other dogs however that do shed quite a lot, so I've got leather sofas, laminate flooring downstairs and tend to wear non-stick clothing at home so everything is easy to clean lol!

    The thing about the pug though is their incredibly loving personality. You won't find another breed that shares their unique perception of the world and quite eccentric behaviour at times - they do things their own way in their own time lol! They crave close contact with their human at all times - so don't get expect to go to the bathroom on your own anymore lol!

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    As an aside, we recently bought a little automatic vacuum cleaner. Running that daily has cut down the pug hair remarkably!
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    If you think shedding will be a problem, I wouldn't recommend getting a pug. They shed 24/7. I have one pug (fawn). She brushed against my pant's leg one day as I was getting ready for work. And when I say brushed up against my pant's leg, I mean she barely touched me but by the amount of hair it looked like she was rolling on my clothes!
    I have worked with her on not getting against my legs once my work clothes are on and surprisingly it really wasn't that difficult! But yea if pug hair is going to be an issue don't get a pug....and by the way, good job on getting opinions and doing research prior to jumping in and getting a pug. More people should do that! (Not just with pug breeds but any breed!)
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    Yes, I agree with some of the other posts, wearing a shirt is unnatural. A pug should be allowed to shed, if you are "afraid" of shedding, then, perhaps, a pug is not for you. Aside from shedding and some snoring, not all pugs snore, like people, they are all different, but aside from that, they are a beautiful and loving breed. They are also affectionate, playful, mischievous, silly, smart and friendly. Those are just a few of their attributes. In my humble opinion, the shedding would never deter me from loving a pug, but then I've had pug experience for going on 20 years now. A good vacuum, several lint rollers scattered throughout the house and brushing a furbaby as often as possible helps.
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