Adopting a Second Pug?
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Thread: Adopting a Second Pug?

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    Default Adopting a Second Pug?

    We're currently a one - pug household. Oscar is 3, and we've had him for almost three years. When we got him he'd been abused badly by his previous owners. Locked in the bathroom all day, he'd been made to go to the bathroom in the bathtub. He was also hit, and was really abused. From the start, he's been super attached to us. But recently we've noticed just how much he wants to play with other dogs when he sees them out and about when he's on a walk. He LOVES playing with other dogs in the dog park when he's off leash, and has a LOT of energy at home, always wants to play "tug" and also fetch with his favorite purple dinosaur stuffed toy.

    But my wife and I are away from the house from 9-5 every day. He just seems so sad when we're gone and is sometimes mopey when we're home. I'm wondering if another Pug would be what he needs. I'm trying to convince my wife to go for it. I've found a Pug up for adoption about two hours from us, a one-year old Male. He's described as being great with other dogs.

    My only concern is that Oscar loves being with us so much, will that change if we bring another Pug into the mix? How likely is it that he'll get along with another Pug? He's met a few Pugs before and always liked interacting with them. Also, how much extra work is it with two Pugs? Is it really a nightmare walking them both?

    Anyone who has the experience with adopting a second Pug (once the first pug is 2-3 years old) that's NOT a puppy, please weigh in!

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    Don't get another dog for the dog. Get another dog for you. Many of them enjoy dogs to play with, but are less happy having a permanent lifemate.

    His love for you won't change. This is the best bit. And there will be a second puggy who also loves you just as much.

    There are other things that will change. Just going somewhere is a little trickier with two. Walkies have two, not one. Vet bills double (and a bit, because they get each other into trouble, so it's definitely more than just double). Food obviously doubles. Training triples and then some. You need to teach each one, individually, what you want them to do (until it's fluent), and then teach them again together.

    Vim is not a pug, he's a pomeranian, but we got him when he was about a year old and Talos about three. Our situation is different, Talos is very well socialised, and she met Vim a couple of times before he came to be ours (I was actually doing home inspections for Vim and the dog school that also functions as a small rescue, we had no plans to adopt another dog at the time). His first application fell through. His second application fell through... and well, by then I had spent hours with him, and Talos and he had been playing and playing at dog school. Mom had made it clear that Kira, who is our third dog (but is also my parents' dog), will live with them while they're not traveling... so we have a bit of space. The rest is history. I paid the adoption fee and he was ours.

    It was a very easy in integration into our house. This isn't always the case, but as long as some care is taken even the difficult integrations are often manageable over time - do you have a good trainer or behaviourist that you know that you can ask for help?

    Vim, we discovered, was completely unsocialised, and really, really reactive. That made walking him a nightmare, especially at first. But Talos is dead easy to walk, so as soon as Vim got better (see an intervening year+ of hard work, and we're still only at 'mostly ok', and not 'always fine', I'm not exaggerating when I wrote really twice :P ), walkies are not too hard. Off lead walks are wonderful - he is much less reactive off lead, and is bright and easy to train generally, so his recall was solid quickly too. So the difficulty of your walks will depend on how easy Oscar is to walk now - expect the new dog to have to be taught how to walk nicely.

    They're not calmer at home, for there being one more - they don't occupy each other like human children would. Well, they do, but I also have twice as many requests for tug, twice as many for occupying my lap, or for a game of fetch, or to go walking. They've gotten fitter playing with each other too, so when one is sick (Vimmy has bad allergies and we've had a miserable two weeks of it, with it being better now that he's on cortisone) the other is even more restless and busy than before there were two.

    They're also not always fans of each other (though, we're lucky, they almost always are). Talos 'owns' my lap, and this occasionally upsets Vim. Sometimes, Vim steals Talos's chew, and likewise (no one steals Kira's chew). But we've had literally the best possible case. Vim came home and within a day it felt like he'd been there forever. Others have it less easy, where the two dogs get along at first, then figure out it's permanent and become really uncomfortable and unhappy with each other. Yet others adopt a dog only to find that they're not very friendly to their previous dog, and it takes a lot of hard work to make it all go smoothly over time.

    So, yeah. If you guys want a second dog, one more to love and play with and work with and be loved by (and feed, walk, and take to the vet), do it. Love grows to encompass new members of a family, the more of you, the more the love. If he's your dog, you'll do the work, as you've done for little Oscar. But if you are wanting to get a second dog for Oscar... that's not such a good idea. Not really fair to the other dog, and not really fair to Oscar.

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    Nina says it all - and eloquently. Two is fun... I said, so why not three? or Four? But two is WAY easier than three (as with skinkids I am told)... but one is the simplest to call upon friends to care for if you have to travel!
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    Yeah, Nina has said it all, really. We added Toddy when Snifter was 3 (Toddy was a puppy). Snifter was thrilled for two weeks, and then he realised the "visitor" was never going home and fell into a deep gloom. We got through it and although the two got on well enough I am under no illusion that Snifter would have been quite happy as an only dog, and may indeed have preferred it. He was always happy to play with other pugs on visits.

    I wanted Toddy, so we made it work, but had I got him for Snifter then I would have felt bad for ruining Snifter's life and may not have bonded with Toddy properly myself.

    In practical terms two was not particularly harder than one, save for the things Nina has pointed out. However in our case I could never walk our two together because that was a massive flashpoint for them. They would scream and hump throughout. I am sure that had I been prepared to put the training work in to de-condition this reaction I would have been able to overcome it, but the path of least resistance for me was to walk them separately. It would have taken a lot of training and since one on one time is valuable with all dogs, having the walks as our one on one time was OK by me.

    Mostly pugs get along fine with other pugs, but it is not a given, and there are always going to be minor issues you have to sort out when adding another dog, even if there are no major ones.

    I think the biggest issue we had that I did not expect was Toddy's bouts of very serious ill-health. This meant several long trips to see specialists. I am self-employed, working from home, with hubby out at work all day. I can change my work schedule at the drop of a hat, but hubby couldn't and I found it hard to cater for Snifter's routine and needs at the same time as caring for Toddy and dealing with his medical issues. It was do-able, but not easy, and if both of us had been out at work all day I am not sure how we would have managed.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    A second Pug is not twice as much work but it can be twice the expense. You have to be realistic in your expectations of your abilities to handle emergencies. P4P just had a request for $134.00 to check a Pug for a blockage. IMHO, you should be able to handle such a bill.
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    I love mine and I have had 3 up until Angus passed in January. I have been exceptionally lucky in they are all rescues around 2 at adoption, until recently vet bills where not a big deal. Now they are aging and some more bills are occurring but I love them to the moon, never regretting my decision to take them in. There have been scuffles, disagreements as I imagine having skin kids would be as well (never had skin kids).
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    Wife and I adopted our first Pug, Buster, in 2001.

    Six years later, we added a 2nd Pug, a rescue named Winnie. At first, Buster was not impressed. However, he did warm up to her and I believe that they comforted one another when the wife and I were not home.

    The main reason for rescuing the 2nd Pug, was that I loved Buster so much, I realized that when he passed, I would be completely heartbroken. So the 2nd Pug was added to the fold to keep Buster company and eventually comfort me when "the time came".

    However, when Winnie died from Cancer 3 years later, I was completely devistated.

    The solution,find a bonded pair to rescue, which we did and now enjoy and cherish.

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