After four years of waiting...
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Thread: After four years of waiting...

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    Cool After four years of waiting...

    So! The day has arrived where me and my fiance are FINALLY excited to announce our pug puppy comes home this Saturday (30/06). He is our first dog and we've been friends with the breeder since last January, patiently waiting for our little boy to arrive. We were lucky enough to assist the breeder on the birth of the pups and it was just magical. Here is a photo of Diddy Winston

    Please tell me your best tips/advice of pug puppies as I'm having a mini panic lol!

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    you will have lots of advice and good advice it will be....first puppy proof your home, the pug puppy has the charm and adventurous spirit of a human two year old so remove cleaning materials from the lower shelves in the kitchen, do something about shielding computer cords and electric cords from happy teeth, invest in kong toys, a few well built fluffy toys, and most of all invest in an x-pen for the puppy's safety when he needs to rest, when you need to rest, or when you go to work-----next shop around for a vet you like with a front office you like with experience in pugs or bulldogs-----I would avoid Petsmart and their groomers and most of all their in-house vet office like the plague.

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    Oh my goodness so adorable, congratulations on your new furbaby!
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    Oh how adorable! There is a ton of info on here for bringing new babies home! Can't wait to see more pics!
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    He is so adorable! Be prepared for the bitey stage but the good news is it will pass. You will never have a more devoted, loving and funny companion.
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    SO cute!!! Diddy Winston is adorable.
    Congratulations and I look forward to many more pictures when he arrives at his new home.
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    Oh I want a baby when I see that picture. I suggest shop around for insurance as well.

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    Diddy Winston is adorable!!!!
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    He is just the cutest thing, makes me yearn for the sweet smell of puppy breath. Have lots of patience is the best advice I can give you. Diddy will try you for a few months but it is so worth it. I can't wait for more pictures and hearing about his adventures.
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    Diddy Winston is more than adorable! The best advice is the x-pen - it is almost a must for littles. Look for obedience classes so you can take Diddy Winston to them. It is important to have some obedience training. All of our girls have had selective hearing! Your little will learn your tone of voice and know when drop it really means drop it. You will have so much fun. Don't bother with panic - just take lots of pictures.
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