Hi everyone!

We recently added a black pug puppy to our family (we also have a 6 year old fawn pug). We've had him for about 6 weeks now, and for the last few weeks his coat has been changing color. He now looks to be more brindle (or, more accurately, "salt and pepper").. it started out as a small patch of his fur here and there, but now it's pretty much his entire coat, with the exception of a black stripe down his back and his face. Has anyone else had this happen? I know his Dad is a fawn (and mom is black), so maybe it's from that? Does it stay this way, or will he eventually go back to black? We love him regardless of course, we're just a bit surprised by it all. I've attached a photo of his coat so you can see what I'm talking about.. isn't super obvious in the pic, but it's quite apparent in person. Thanks for any info you can share!