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Thread: Dinner time

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    Quote Originally Posted by All about Marge View Post
    Thanks suzie, yeah. She isn't over fed... because she Is refusing, more a concern she isn't eating enuff this week. I blame my mum because she spoils and cooks fresh for her dog and so 'shares' when Marge is around. Even though I tell her not to.
    I've never had food refusal as an issue with my pugs - I'd know that there was a serious problem if either of them ever did refuse any type of food, but I've read about plenty of pugs doing this on Facebook groups. They can be amazingly determined once they've been given fresh cooked food that nothing else will do. I can't say that I blame them quite honestly - I'd feel the same way too! :)

    So unless you see any indication of her being unwell, or losing a lot of weight then you'll have to be quite firm about your feeding regime. Keep to set times and remove the bowl after say 15 minutes. Don't offer any other food or treats until the next food time. I hate to say this though, if you've got one of the truly determined ones you're probably going to have to compromise on this with her. They say that a healthy dog won't starve itself to death, but in my experience they can be perfectly capable of making themselves unwell over eating issues.

    Other things to watch for is some pugs suddenly decide that under no circumstances will they EVER eat out of a bowl again (only a plate or the floor will do), or they'll only eat in a specific place in the house or if someone sits with them, or they have total privacy! Strange little creatures at times - but they normally have a reason in their own little minds as to why they're doing this!
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    I had that with my first pug, Gus. One day he decided he wanted to eat out of a frisbee and so that's what he did from then on. My husband and I always laughed about it.
    I also have never had a issue with a pug not wanting to eat. That was always a first sign that something was wrong or they weren't feeling well.

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