Working out with Louie...I should have set up a camera
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Thread: Working out with Louie...I should have set up a camera

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    Talking Working out with Louie...I should have set up a camera

    I have not worked out since the move. It seems like it has just been one thing after another and I just...haven't.

    Loon and I made the decision to start again today. Since the office and the amenities here are still closed to residents, Loon and I are able to use the gym without worry. We will do that when Loon is done working for the day. I'll probably start off with the treadmill and slowly work my way into Barre workouts.

    I decided to start today off with some gentle stretches and easy yoga. Nothing crazy. Soft, relaxing, gentle movements...until Louie noticed Mama was on the floor.

    My soft meditative yoga session turned into tug-o-war with my mat, a million Louie kisses, Louie's nose in my eyeball (this is a new thing with him, he takes his nose and presses it into your eye socket ), Louie bringing me Frog and Minion. Louie bouncing around like a crazy jumping bean. Louie running in circles as fast as he can and going between my legs and arms. Louie trying to drag me off the mat by my hair. It was comical. I ended up laughing and giving up.

    I don't know what his deal was today. I did yoga in Georgia and he never really bothered me. I really wish I'd had a camera set up so y'all could see how silly he was and how funny the whole thing was.
    ~Babs Mom #1 to Louie

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    Good thing you can go to the gym because, as you found out, you will never be alone doing anything at home.
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    Louie got his workout!

    Rugby 7/10/02 - 9/28/15 Miss you, little girl! You're always in my heart!

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    I was laughing while reading about it, I can imagine how hilarious it would be to see it! Sure sounds like Louie got HIS workout!
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    Default Working out with Louie...I should have set up a camera

    And you worry about a work out ? Fending off Louie is just as much or more exercise .

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