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That must have been quite a tussle trying to get chewing gum of a pug foot! Well done you!

On a serious note though a lot of chewing gum can have xylitol or even nicotine in it - as you say something else to watch out for! Sadly, 3 years after stopping smoking I’m still addicted to nicotine chewing gum that has xylitol in it. I’m so scared of the dogs or my grandson getting hold of it that if I take a card of it out of a high cupboard where it’s stored I put it straight into the zipped pocket on a running belt I’m wearing around my waist.
I didn't even think about the xylitol that could have been in it! I was trying to get it off his foot because there are at least two apartments here who have tested positive for corona and I was panicking over that along with the sheer grossness of him having someone else's chewed gum on his foot.