How well trained is your pug?
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Thread: How well trained is your pug?

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    Default How well trained is your pug?

    I am trying to train Lucy and I am remembering how hard it is, on the other hand my setter was easy to train.

    Lucy can sit, stay somewhat, doesn't want to lie down, she will wait till I say Okay, before she eats, I guess I need to spend more time training. She also will go into her crate, but just learning. I say crate and Finn runs to his crate!

    She runs away from me a lot and wants to be chased

    What can your pug do?
    Susan, mom to Bo, Lucy and Finn

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    Gordon is a hypnotist . He looks at me and I have no control over my actions ....I hand out treats !

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    LOL!!! Louie trained...LOL!!!

    Every now and then he will sit if he feels like it.
    He will also give a high five...if hes in the mood.

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    ~Babs Mom #1 to Louie

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    Together, Lolli and Murphy will both sit, mostly stay (it always seems like one of them will somehow inch their way forward and then the other can’t be left behind) but training either to stop barking or jumping on someone when they are together is impossible! Now if they are separated they will do it all, sit, stay, get down, no bark etc...I have worked and worked on getting them both to behave together but it just seems to be useless, they start playing or trying to better the other, wrestling, you name it! The only time they both behave like perfect angels together and show that they have actual manners is on a plane, we always get compliments on how well behaved they are
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    LOL....since I fell.....Bobby, who is titled, only comes when he feels like it!!! Teddy isn't even leash trained, but will sit for his food.... Both Bobby and Teddy jump and bark at the TV. Going to get some cans to fill with change and toss by them to try and break them of it! (I was pretty immobile from Nov-Jan...even Feb)....The girls are quieter...but not trained either!!!
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    Both of mine have a super fast, instant recall ....... as long as I say “sausages”
    Bree, Xanthe and Darwin

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    Sienna barks and mommy gets up to feed her breakfast, lunch, dinner. Sienna sits there and stares at the water dish and mommy gets up and brings it to her so she can drink. She's well "trained"...and mommy too!
    Sienna Foo Ming Geeting
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    You will always always always be number one in my heart.
    I love you baby girl.

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    Banjo is really good at sit, down and stay, come is hit and miss but he does listen to his emergency recall. He is really good about going in his crate and is a really good passenger in the car. Don't get the wrong impression though, he destroys every bed we buy him and ingests as much of the stuffing as he can, is god awful on the leash even though he has been walked regularly since we got him, will bag the occasional shoe if you aren't paying attention to him, and he still goes berserk at night and attacks my wife and has to be carried to his crate for everyone's safety. He is a total conundrum.

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    We did loads of training mostly as a fun way to spend time together. This included classes for obedience, tricks, agility and ring craft. The only thing I insisted on being 100% was recall. Both boys would reliably return to me even through a "treat tunnel" eventually.

    The best ever moment was when a friend came round to discuss a redecoration project as she is an interior designer. The pugs were shut in their room behind a baby gate so they didn't get under foot and they were livid. They were both barking their heads off. We came to stand outside their gate to discuss that area of the house and I don't know why but I didn't ask them to be quiet in my normal way (which was never very successful). I just put up my hand like a policeman stopping traffic, and this was not ever a signal I had used on them. They shut up and kept quiet. My friend was SO impressed. I did not tell her it was a fluke.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    Otis knows how to sit incredibly cute for any food item he is wanting. He knows to wait until I say ok for him to eat. That's about it....but really he is a well behaved boy so he doesn't need to much training.

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