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Thread: Does anyone's pug just stare sometimes?

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    yep, both winston and basil stare at me a lot. it's cute, though!
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    Patsy stares, which is usually followed by a bark which means it's dinner time! I swear she can tell time

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs.pugsly
    Pugsly aka Prince Pugsly is a definate starer. He'll sit on the bed, stare at me with his big brown round eyes, lets a big snore, informing me that he is tired and wants me to nap with him. When he is tired he'll just stare at me, with the cutest pug expression and thats my cue.

    yes, occasionally gracie will stare forever, then inhale with a LOUD snort, and sigh, as if to say "well..............i guess i'm tired then...." she's funny.
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    When I'm putting on my face in the morning I'll catch something out of the corner of my eye and its a little puggy staring up at me.

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    Yup Bear stares and Annabelle does too but she only really stares at me. She actually will get up and move to watch me if I leave the room. I joke with Jason that she's watching me because she thinks I'm gonna steal the silverware!

    Bear likes to stare at us when we call him to have him come in after doing his business. It really upsets Jason quickly when instead of coming he'll stare at us like "huh? can't hear you..lalalalala"
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    Mine does it all the time. It is usually when he is fixin to take a nap. He's is so funny, he falls asleep sitting upright on the couch all the time with his eyes open. Only way you know he is truly asleep is the consistent snoring.

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