Flying on a plane with my 11 year old pug.
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Thread: Flying on a plane with my 11 year old pug.

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    Default Flying on a plane with my 11 year old pug.

    Hi all,

    My pug is a certified emotional support animal. I will be taking him on my first flight soon and I am looking for input from others who have taken their pugs on planes. My boy is 11 years old and is currently in very good health with no notable issues. He will be flying with me in the cabin and sitting on my lap. Will the altitude affect him at all? What can I expect? Is it advised to use some sort of medication to help him relax or no? Would appreciate any input from those who have flown with their pug before. Not really sure what to expect.

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    Hi. I have flown with my pugs a lot. Lolli is an ESA as well. My pugs have all started flying very young and quite often so I canít really speak to an older pug flying for the first time but I can tell you how we do it. When we first started them flying we gave them an opportunity to get used to their bags before travel and even though Lolli is an ESA we still have her in a bag, only difference is the bag can be on my lap or I can take her out of the bag to sit in my lap with a leash attached. When flying with an ESA you must have them under control at all times so even if another dog were to come by your pug needs to be able to not react and stay calm, I have seen an ESA dog removed from the plane because it wouldnít settle. Also now with people wearing masks and face shields and sometimes even full body protection itís good if you have your pug used to these new sights. I donít give mine medication, again they have been traveling since they were pups so itís just nap time for them and I would be cautious and ask your vet before giving anything just to make sure it doesnít slow their respiration or other side effects. We have used licky pads in their bags when they were little just to give them a distraction until they settled, so maybe since this is the first flight you might want to consider at least bringing a bag and possibly a licky pad or something to distract in case issues arise. Good luck and safe travels.

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    I have no advice to add - Tuck and Ag's Mom is our resident expert on flying with pugs! But I wanted to wish you luck and I hope the flight goes smoothly! I agree that taking the time to get him used to his travel bag and the sight of people wearing masks and face shields is going to be helpful.
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