My Mama tells LIES...also don't pee pee on your toy box
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Thread: My Mama tells LIES...also don't pee pee on your toy box

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    Default My Mama tells LIES...also don't pee pee on your toy box

    Y'all! Things are bad at my house right now!

    First, Mama saw me pee pee on my toy box this morning. She got mad and she took ALL my toys...every single one of them...and she dumped them in the washer machine!!! She took my Frog and my Bink and my new Lambchop and my blankets and everything! I cried and stomped my feet and yelled and threw a fit and she didn't give them back. They are gone. I am probably never gettin' them back!

    The other thing going on is I found out my Mama tells LIES! If you do something you aren't supposed to and she sees you do it she will use your whole big name and she will say, "You've got one more time!" Well, you know, stuff you aren't supposed to do is FUN...thats why you do it. So if Mama says you got one more time then you should take advantage of that one more time to do it.
    Well, if my Mama says you got one more time DO NOT BELIEVE HER! She is telling you a big story! If you do it one more you will end up in time out for 47 years or 11 minutes or something.
    ~Babs Mom #1 to Louie

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    Huh? Says Henry
    You are dumb ! Says Bruno
    You are not supposed to call someone names ! Says Gordon!
    What is time out? says Henry
    YOU DO NOT WANNA KNOW ! Says Bruno
    Hihihi ! Says Gordon

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    Oh Louie, peeing on the toy box!?!? Not a good idea! I hope you learned your lesson and don't try that one again! Hopefully your toys get washed and returned to you soon.
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