A pug review (help regarding diet)
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Thread: A pug review (help regarding diet)

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    Default A pug review (help regarding diet)

    Hello, there good people :)

    Mici and I wanted to ask for your advice regarding her diet. She is a girl with 6.8 kg (I think it's 15 pounds) I'm worried am I getting her proper diet. Even if so I want to improve it. Veterinary here just suggest feeding her with kibble, so basically, her day looks like this.

    Eating in the morning 4 spuns of kibble (VetLife obesity) and I add here 2 grams of omega 3 fish oil, and one tablet of flexadin advanced (for her joints) for dinner she eats cooked chicken breast 80grams.

    Besides that every month I'm giving her one NexGard SPECTRA (against ticks and hearth worms) and also Opti-Immune for her eye... I'm worried that I could improve her life with a better diet (Heard for raw feeding). so please give me any advice or tip :) Also, she turned 9 years today <3
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    Your baby is beautiful! Where are you? Check out www.dogfoodadvisor.com for some ideas on feeding. They have a pretty good library of articles on food and rate foods by ingredients. We have fed a raw diet for years.

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    I feed Chicken Soup for the Soul the kibble is great small rounds easy to chew, I feed a tablespoon of their canned food mixed with water just to top it. I have used it for 20 years now no allergies, mostly healthy until they got older. 1/4 cup morning and evening, Hercules is addicted to Puparoni treats I have not been able to get him off of those but he only gets 2 sticks a day now.
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    Thank you for the answers :) But still, I think I'm not doing it properly regarding her diet and not sure how to start raw and also what are benefits for raw (chicken) against cooked :( .. Didn't heard for Puparoni threats (thanks!), and thanks for the website gonna check it out. Also here I am :)
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    Here's a link to the thread about raw feeding. There are a couple of other threads at the top of the forum for pug food that you might like to have a look at.
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    Mici is adorable! Happy 9th birthday to her!!!

    In my opinion, the most challenging thing about feeding a raw diet is making sure you get the ratio correct for calcium and phosphorus. I've fed raw, homemade cooked food and also various commercially prepared foods over the years. My personal opinion is that my pugs did fine with the ground up raw meals that I made, but I feel like the raw meaty bones didn't work all that well for them. It was messy, one of my pugs was a "gulper" and tried to swallow everything whole. They loved the raw meaty bones, but I thought it was challenging to feed them well. Later on, two of my pugs needed specially prepared homemade food for health reasons and I chose to do a homecooked, ground up meal for them and that worked well and they loved it. My current pug is eating a commercially made food that comes in a dehydrated form and is re-hydrated prior to feeding. If I had time right now, I would probably go back to cooking food for her because I feel like it's a healthy option if done right.
    Personally, I think all creatures (humans included) do better with a diet that includes a variety of fresh foods. If raw or homecooked food is too overwhelming or is difficult to do well because of the amount of time it takes, your location and ability to get what you need or due to Mici's needs, then simply adding safe and healthy bits of fresh food to her current diet should benefit her. You can cut vegetables up small to make it easier to digest. For example, you can replace some of her kibble with things like raw or cooked green beans or carrots, you can add a small spoonful of yogurt (check to make sure the ingredients are safe for her!), you can try various fruits to see if she likes them. My pugs have enjoyed bananas, apples, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Just make sure that anything you feed is SAFE for dogs before giving it to her. You do not want to feed onions, fruit with pits (like cherries or peach), grapes or raisins, etc. And for things like yogurt you want to make sure there isn't any Xylitol sweetener in it. That can be very bad for dogs.
    Best wishes and I hope you find something that works well for you and for Mici.
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    It looks like you are in Europe maybe. What you call raw may be barf feeding here. Here in US we have companies who ask some questions about your dog and then send you home made food every week to your door. In Germany where I am from we have dog food shops like a butcher shop which has food fresh and ready. I looked at this website before https://www.darwinspet.com/resources...barf-diet.html Unfortunately all my buys have special needs diet and are on prescription food .

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    I love the photo of you and Mici. She is just adorable.
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