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Thread: How long can your pug go on walks for???

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    Yes, Jesse--let's keep that "older pug" information to ourselves. My crowd are all "older". Bob would agree with the 15 minute rule although I make him walk for longer than that. But Pete (8 yrs), and Hazel (7+) are going concerns. No fetching or retrieving since they are visually challenged, but they are good for an hour if the weather is okay.

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    Well, Luciano, his mom (me) and his dad (my husband) are regular walkers/hikers. As long as we start early (generally, between 7-9am in the summer), we go for a daily 3-4 mile walk. He loves it, and he has SO MUCH ENERGY. He loves going for hikes in the gorges, too. We just have to make sure to bring water with us. I also bring his "energy bars" with us (i.e., treats). He weighs a svelte 17 lbs. Generally, he gets 1 cup of food a day and treats on walks.
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    I have a HUGE foster, Pugsley, came to us at over 32 pounds, and after a month with us has lost almost 4 pounds!! He looks so good! I keep Sledges weight under control too, using a light formula food, Natural Balance, or some other good brand. One treat at night, maybe a baby carrot or 2 during the day. My guys can go about 20 minutes, and Rascal can't go far at all with his collapsed trachea. Pugsley is getting better after his weight loss and elongated palate surgery.
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    Bam-Bam seems to be able to walk/trot forever...a good 45 mins...But he is still Ickle at only 11 months so we watch the wee guy...

    Bb well...............mmmmhn...........20 mins max then she HALTS ...
    We bought a Buggy for she doesnt miss out..saying that Hubby refuses to take it with us ..hes embarrasses easily ...she gets a carry from him....I cant wait to use it though

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    In the cooler weather, everyone but Tasha will work for about 15 minutes then we stop at a park and walk another 15 minutes back. They could probably go a bit longer. Tasha walks for about 10 minutes but that is only about 3 houses away! She walks at her own pace (very slow) and stops alot. But she has always let me know when she as had enough.

    In the summer, no walks. It is just way too hot even at night (still at 100 degrees). However, on the afternoons/evenings before a storm it sometimes cools a bit more and is cloudy so they may go for about a 5 minute walk.
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    I really don't understand why Reggie is overweight. I think it just might be that he doesn't get enough exercise, and in that category, i'm to blame .
    He really doesn't eat that much, and doesn't get a lot of treats. I think it might be that his metabolism is slow? Is that possible?

    Right now the temp gets up to 85-100 in the day, and stays humid at night, so walking is hard. Also, he has a limp( we went to the vet's today, they think he may have just twisted something b/c he isn't in pain and she couldn't find a sore spot)

    But I have been adding steamed green beans and some carrots to his food/in replace of some food.Bella wants some too, so as long as she gets enough dog food, I figure, why not?

    Thanks for the advice guys!!!
    Proud Mom of Reggie & Bella & missing Rocky, the pug who pugged everyone he met

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    My baby is about 12 weeks old now and has bucket loads of energy. i took him on a parkrun which is 5km, and he loved it. didnt complain or moan once, kept trying to give him water but he refused to drink any. still went home and played some more. is this normal? he would rather play than eat most days, dunno if thats normal too?

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    At twelve weeks old, you're risking permanent injury to his bones doing this. Keep the walks short until he's an adult. Once he's an adult, though... Talos has done whole day, 15 km hikes with us.

    Are you in Gauteng? :) Was this the Delta Park Parkrun? We've done that one, though we live a little far to do it every week :)

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