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Thread: What other dog breeds are compatible with Pugs?

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    I would also agree that getting an adult dog would be much better than a pup. My daughter's BF has been bringing over his chocolate lab (Jackson) quite frequently. Jackson is about 18 weeks, weighs about 50 pounds and looks like a person in a dog suit already and his idea of playing is to grab Rumy by the goozle (the extra skin under his neck) and throttle him, then try and drag him back to his owner. It's inbred, since he's a bird dog, but they require constant supervision and separation a good amount of the time. I'm hoping as he gets older, he'll settle down more.

    As for the dog park, our best experiences have been with boxers and greyhounds. Herding dogs (collies, Australian shepherds) tend to try and "herd" and nip at a running pug. He's gotten along quite well with nearly every dog, except pit bulls (we avoid them like the plague now, since all 20 pounds of Rumy thinks he can terrorize pit bulls- not a good idea, but he can't quite grasp it), and a lady who brought a pile of tiny chihuahua-wiener dog mixes that ran around and bit every dog in the park, barking madly - it was like a dust cloud of yappy, nippy dogs.
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    Reggie's best friend is a yellow lab. He actually is calm with her, even though she runs circles around him trying to get him to play. Bella is too snarky to play with bigger dogs. She yaps and yaps and yaps until they play with her, which includes them chasing her and her hiding behind me while still barking at them .

    Honestly, I agree that it is the dog's temperment. My uncle had an adopted rottie once that hated people, but who loved his pug brother.
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    The main thing you have to remember is that size DOES matter. Even if the pug is the feisty one, one snap of a large jaw can kill a pug, even if that was not the intention.

    As a case in point, out Vet had a client who had a pug and boxer who were raised together from birth. Best friends, played all the time. One day, when they were both 6, they were outside playing. The boxer turned on the pug and killed it. The owner then went and had the boxer put down because she could never trust her again.

    ALWAYS supervise a larger dog with a pug and separate them when you are gone. A pug does not always back down when playing and this can be misinterpreted.

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    Maddie's very best friend in the whole world is my brother's boston terrier Sophie. I know they aren't big dogs, but they go GREAT with pugs. They are around the same size, so they are evenly matched when they play. They are so in love with each other- I wish Sophie lived with me. Actually, I would like to add to our family in a year or two, and I think my next dog may be a BT.

    Isn't she sweet?
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    Jackson and his big brother German shepherd got along great, and McKenna was great playing with a smaller dog. He's since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and we're looking at getting another shepherd puppy, but said puppy will definitely be crated away from Jackson when we're not around to supervise. An older larger dog who has experience with small dogs might be your friend's best bet, or a smaller puppy.
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    We don't live with any other dogs, but every doggy friend China has she completely dominates, or tries too... even the Staffy's and German Shephards... so it must depend on the personality. China thinks she's the Biggest and Toughest of them all. I'm just waiting for the day she meets her match... her only other Pug friend is terrified of her, but I think the other Pug has issues, poor thing. Good luck!

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    thanks for the help everyone

    ...maybe i can try and convince my friend to get a medium dog instead, hah.....if not, then lets just pray that Biggie's new buddy will work out for the best

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    Now, to jump in with a medium sized dog..... Shelties are intelligent and very much caretakers. Our Maddie frets over Stevie. Of course, she tries to herd him & with him being blind, that is pretty funny to watch. Our sheltie was a rescue too, and I think the info from the foster family is key - she had been living with a small dog and two cats - one was a siamese. And she was laid back with all of them.

    I think getting a rescue that has been fostering with a smaller dog might be an excellent way to go.

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    Just my opinion but i think most breeds can be taught to live together i had a great Dane and a maltese together, my folks would bring over there Shi -Tzu when i had a Rotti.
    I know of people with pugs and Boxers, French Bulldogs, Bostons,Afghans to name a few,i myself am bringing in a British Bulldog crossing fingers by the end of the year.
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    I had a rottie. He was very good with the pugs.

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