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Thread: Tell me about someone else's pug

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    Gertrude does not wear boots! No matter how calm she is leading up to putting the boots on

    Sarah and the crew

    Anna, the black diva pug

    Lucy, the sweetest brindle pug
    Boston, the baby of the house fawn pug

    Torino, the pushy Quaker Parrot
    Captain Jack Sparrow, the crazy cockatoo
    Sphynx, bottle fed kitty, trainer of pugs!
    Princess Snappa kitty, office assistant extrodinare
    Diego? Leta? sex undetermined ball python
    Failed snake food, Domino the rat, and friend who I refuse to name!
    3 boys ages 13, 9, and 8!
    And hubby of course!

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    Almost missed this thread.

    Blanche's Hazel is small in stature but BIG in attitude. Pete visits seniors and gets squeezed and has a person who is convinced that he will cure him of his blindness.
    Mom to Pugsley, Wednesday, Hank, Ringo (failure 1), Wesley (failure 2) & Jed my little boy from Kansas.

    Foster Mom to Tucker.

    Missing Grandma Gert & Precious Percy at the Bridge.

    Foster Coordinator Pugalug Pug Rescue Pugsley Wednesday Hank Percy Ringo Wesley Jed Gertie

    My boys that see with their hearts.

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    Jasmine moonlights as a police officer! And looks adorable in the uniform.

    Bear's socks are the cutest little paint-tipped paws EVER. And he likes to run out and get in the car when his parents are leaving (Dayna, do you still have that picture? pretty please post it?)

    Walter and Teenie are long lost relatives (ok, this isn't a FACT but more of a guess).

    PugsleyFoo is the sweetest girl a boy pug could ever love.

    *non pug entry*
    Lucy loves Calvin. Calvin loves Lucy.

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    Wednesday is sometimes also known as pinny pinhead
    Melissa, mom to
    sassy human girl Abigail Rose born 2/16/2006 & her little sister Elizabeth Mary born 12/28/2009
    pugs Henry & Hewey & cat Gizmo
    Married to Jeff since 5/21/2005
    Remembering Rudy Tooter

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    Oh what a lovely idea for a thread!

    Wickett goes to church.

    Miss Tilly has great holiday dresses.

    Onxy Faye and Radar are so special!

    Murphy won a costume contest.

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