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    Default Our bad walk

    So it was still 50 degrees out when I got home from work tonight so decided to take the kids out for a nice walk. Haven't really ventured out too much in the neighborhood, so went farther than usual tonite down one of the side streets. Met our neighbor's dogs for the first time, they were cute as can be. Met a black lab who was in his yard and being nice and obeying his invisible fencing. Went to the end of the side street to walk around the end of the cul-de-sac and head back home, and out come two black labs - come running toward us, tails wagging. Ok fine. Everyone sniffs each other and says hello.

    Then out of the blue, one of them starts growling at Diesel and snaps at him for no reason. I quickly gather my two up, as calmly as possible and we head away from them quickly. Thankfully, nothing else happened. I thought for sure when the lab snapped Diesel that Kayla was gonna go nuts and go after him and all hell would break loose, but thankfully that didn't happen.

    Ok, I know we live in the country and people don't use leashes out here. But WTF, they obviously don't supervise their dogs either! The first neighbor was great, when she saw us coming, she came to get her dogs, no problems, even petted my babies and said hello, all was fine. First lab we met was great - had invisible fencing and was well behaved. His owner was even outside to make sure he didn't go out of his yard, and in fact told me he has invisible fencing but if for some reason he disobeys it, just call him by his name, Gunnar, and he'll be fine.

    But the two labs that went after Diesel was out in their yard, no owners in sight. No owners looking out the window watching their dogs. Nothing. I was half tempted to bring the kids home and go back and give the morons a piece of my mind. But the response I'd get is we live in the country now and dogs run loose. I have no problems with that - it'd just be nice if people would still supervise their dogs when they're loose.
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    First of all, thank goodness Diesel and Kayla (and you) are fine. We have a leash law here and it is amazing how many dogs still roam the street. Ralph had the experience of a GSD coming after him and the pugs during a walk. Good thing Tux was there to tell the other dog to "back off". I have no advise , some people just need a good swift kick in the butt, they never think rules or laws pertain t them

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    I know exactly what you mean! I just had about the same thing happen to me today. My Gracie was just hanging out looking around outside and here comes this black lab (get a load of that!) running up scaring her half to death! She starts freaking out and all I can think is "Why The Hell Aren't You On A Leash?!! And Where Is Your Owner??!!"

    It was crazy! And I don't even live in the country- I'm in an apartment complex!

    Atleast you reacted quickly and effectively...and your babies didn't get too freaked out! But yes, their owners should've been there- definitely.

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    It always breaks my heart to see the "free range" dogs around here, we are quickly becoming suburbia but are still largely dominated by livestock rather than pets, so the attitude towards dogs running loose is common here as well. If I can get the dog to come to me, I will take it home and call rescue or a shelter, but most of the dogs I encounter are very skittish of coming close to strangers.

    I'm glad that the dogs weren't truly bent on attacking and that you got everyone home safely.

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    How scary. I'm glad you all made it home safe and sound.
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    That is so scary! We live in "town" and have neighbors that have 2 rottweilers that they let run wild sometimes. These dogs are HUGE. One bit my neighbor once (not the neighbor who owns them). We have a fenced in yard, but I'm always afraid they'll jump the fence- they could if they really wanted to! Which is why I sit out with the pugs when they go out to play/potty in the yard- if I don't actually sit out I keep watch out the window. It is possible that there is a leash law where you live, but people just arent following it. NExt time I see the rotties out I'm calling animal control! There's lots of little kids around here, too! Irresponsible dog owners make me crazy!

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