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Thread: Help! I'm being stalked by Maude

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    Relax and have fun with the leash snakes. When our mom puts the leash snakes on us we tell them to curl up around her legs and trip her. Bwaaaa ha ha. Great fun.

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    I know your fear, Maude. Though I enjoy the outdoor activity and all the new smells outside of our homeplace, the leash snake is always pursuing me when we're out. Mama took me yesterday, with a pink-colored one, which surely must be more evil, as Daddy refuses to use that one.... yikes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blanche View Post
    <<<GASP>>>> I just had a horrible thought! What if those aren't oranges at all, but leash snake eggs? That would explain why the leash snakes sit coiled up in the bowl. Hatching them.

    Oh my heavenly days, the end is near. It's the Rapture. I'm sure that leash snakes are mentioned in Revelations.

    I'm going to swoon........

    (oh and my mother says for me to add "Har de har har" from her)

    okay, almost had Tea thru the nose with this one.

    Colleen-completely pugged by Keiki & Kona

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    Oh dear Maudie, kill the leash snakes NOW! They will mutate into evil evil things....our mother has a 2 headed leashsnake for's an awful awful thing....keeps us right in it's sight, next to one another at all times Be afraid. Good thing your mother threw out the orange snake eggs before they got the green fuzzy stuff on them...that's a sign they are ready to hatch.

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