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    Quote Originally Posted by SallyAndTilly View Post
    Vader is adorable! I think of him every time I see one of these on eBay.
    Vader says Tilly can send that to him anytime! We named him obviously after Darth Vader, but he is so unlike the character that its comical.

    And Vader says thank you to everyone else for your very sweet comments.

    I will work on the ones for Leia and Kenobi soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfgiants View Post
    His "who peed on the carpet Mommy? For shame on them! For shame" face.
    My all-time fav pic of Vad!!! And I can vouch that he isn't fat, but it just one solid pug...I think he's filled with sweetness .
    And do we want pics of sweet Leia and demon Kenobi? What do you think???

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