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    Talking snoozin' - the "packing" of 3 within less than 24 hours!

    Miko is a normal-sized pug - not tall or long like Captain, but she is REALLY tubby! The car trip was long, but I love to drive and they guys did really well, both in crates in the wayback with only pee and water stops en route (and a walk and dog park as we met and claimed Miko)...

    We saw about 6 pugs in the 7-block walk to the park... none happened to be at the park while we were there, but one was on his way there - and lots of dog walkers!!

    This afternoon we went out to pick up the car (a half-mile walk to the service place) and got home for water and naps... Miko has chosen one of the beds as hers - it's a round oval gell-edged thing which Captain sometimes like to overflow out of! At least for now she is snoring away in it - 'hard to get a pic since it is so privately located... but before that she and I had snuggled on the floor and napped head to head.. She has the teeniest tiniest white "spot" - about 2 hairs are involved - of white over her right eye... soo sweet, and when she is this tired she looks like a happy budda as I rub her chest and chinny chin chin. You can only see this spot if you are up close and personal with her!

    2 of my neighbors (retirees) stopped to comment on her as we were walking... I mean, the asked how they were all getting along, and as we chatted the dogs each took a position of repose - just sitting or lying, in shade or on pavement, separate but together... and that said it all.. There has not been a harsh word among them. Of course, my boys can tell she is important to me so they better not make "mommy" mad, but Captain really is just pleased to have company while Tigger has someone new to show off to.

    She sounds like a coffee percolator as she snores right now! (She has had EVERY possible comfort: teeth extractions, etc.) Having 3 is (so far!!) exactly as I had imagined it.. 3 sleepy dogs.. I had not quite imagined the tangle of moving anywhere with 3, but we are still "finding our places" in the walking activity... and she has trouble keeping up, but I really think that has a lot to do with her weight.

    As we went down into the garage yesterday we walked the ramp down which I had driven, and she went really fast... pulling at the leash. Walking up it was another story.. She is "front end loaded" I declared, to which her then-owner acknowledged that she herself (owner) was back end loaded (meaning it was hard going up)! LOL

    OO! OOO! she stood up to stretch and visit me and she just lay down butt to butt with Tigger! shhh!

    a pug pile cannot be too far away!

    I am supremely happy with this new little girl.

    Ayleash ... Sponsor of the Pugs: Captain and Niko, and Pack leader of: Tigger (2005-2016), and ...My SECOND rescue Terrier... a girl for Tigger... Ohna... and now... DECKER!! (The Dog Formerly Known As (TDFKA) Batman!)

    See some pics of my life recently (including the hounds, of course) at:https://picasaweb.google.com/1045433...eat=directlink and http://picasaweb.google.com/engntnc

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    Oh wow Ayleash she is BEAUTIFUL . I look forward to when we can all meet!!! I am so happy that all is going so well. I know Miko could not have found a better home. Again congratulations!!!
    Doris.....Mom to Bosley 5/5/06, Bristol 10/21/06, Tango and Cash 17 year old African Grey Parrots, , Bart the Minilop, Miffy the Lionhead bunny. RIP Dakoda 3/2/2008, Preston 5/16/2008. Poe 11/2/2008.

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