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Thread: How can we get a national law making it illegal to sell a puppy less than 8 weeks old

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    In one of the towns we lived in, a dog license was cheaper if the dog was altered. Perhaps vets could be encouraged to give spay/neutered dog discounts for their services just like some stores give seniors' discounts.
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    For all the new members reading this thread .....

    When I first started here, I never heard of a back yard breeder, but I soon learned what one was...I heard of puppymills, never seen one, but I knew what they were.
    Until I came to PV that is..and seen the gut wrenching photos of puppy mill survivors.....I never knew half this stuff until I came here...
    NOONE here literally tries to jump on anyone for 'doing the wrong thing' they try to educate us....most of us are 'green' around the edges until we come here and learn from the expierence of all the others and the breeders here at PV...without PV Id be lost in my own lil world about all this stuff...everyone has been helpful (to me) .............and truthfully you don't 'hear' the other persons voice, or see the facial expressions, so if you are in a bad mood, you might think someone is attacking you.......but they aren't.....they are just trying to protect us and the puppies...and ps...I never knew about pet store puppies until I came here also;.....I've learned A LOT since being a member here since Jan. of this year.

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