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Thread: What size of Puppia Harness should I buy?

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    Default Thanks To Everyone For The Words Of Wisdom & Pictures.

    I really apreciate everyone's input!
    Pugsly's current harness (just a basic style) is rubbing off some of his hair arround his neck. When he isn't wearing the harness it looks like he has a thin-haired ring arround his neck!

    I am hoping the Puppia Harness will be more comfy for him and let his skin breath easier when wearing it.

    I am thinking of getting him a red one...don't want the patterns to make him look "girly" (ha ha)

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    My Milan wears a M and she is 14lbs and London is a L and he is 18lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaraFaust View Post
    Becky- a Large should fit Pugsley just fine! As long as you're getting the style like Marley has- I got the new style that just goes over the legs for Misty, and got a Large, and it was very tiny! It wouldn't even fit Suki- that's the one I sent to little Tallulah!

    Both my girls wear a large, and since they're adjustable, they fit both of them great!
    I noticed that you said the "new" harnesses are adjustable.
    What kind of style of Puppia harness can be adjusted?
    I picked up a medium for Katie Jo and Lola at a doggie boutique in Chicago two years ago.
    They both tried them on and ended up with a medium.
    They both must have a small neck, but you would never know by looking at either pug. There was nothing to adjust on these harnesses.
    You simply pull them over their head.
    I checked the Puppia website, and their harness style is still sold.

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