Pugs and allergy sufferers?
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Thread: Pugs and allergy sufferers?

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    Default Pugs and allergy sufferers?

    I know that the pugs are a fairly heavy shedder. How are they for allergy sufferers? I know certain breeds such as poodles and the like are usually fine for those that suffer from general pet allergies but I was wondering how the pug stands up. Anyone have experience?

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    I would borrow someone's pug for a few days or go spend time at their house to see how you do first!

    I have known allergies to cats and dogs and I have both and do okay. However I clean and vacuum A LOT! I also take medications daily to control both.

    I think that's a tough questions to answer, because everyone is so different, but I would go be around a pug if you can and see how you do. Pugs are TOTAL companion animals and want to be with you 24/7. so be sure your allergies can tolerate one or try different allergy meds to see what works for you.

    Oh and I read that pugs shed a lot before I got one, but I don't think one can really understand how much a pug sheds unti you see it for yourself, it's somewhat crazy how much of their hair gets into all the nooks and crannies of your home and your stuff and like I said I clean A LOT! I LOVE my pug girl and she's worth all the work, but shedding, yes they do shed a lot, I recommend a GOOD vacuum if you decide to get a pug.
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    As awesome as I think pugs are from all the research I have done, I just can;t stand dog hair everywhere. Its unfortunate that they shed so much. I don't think I could own one because of this.... :(

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    The shedding is brutal. I've had all manner of other breeds--including dogs that are heavy shedders (labs and GSDs) and hands down, my pugs outshed every dog I've ever owned. If you don't like dog hair, don't get a pug. Because dog hair and lots of it are a reality of ownership.

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    Like Blanche said, the shedding and dander is brutal. It depends on the extent of the allergies. With our first pug, my husband took prescription allergy pills for over 6 months but his immunity strengthened and over 8 years later, he's fine with the pugs. My skin used to get red from being licked or scratched and eventually that went away, too. So you can never tell. It really depends on the person and how badly they are allergic.

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    I have to bathe my pugs frequently because I have asthma. It really does help, but I have to use a very gentle soap free shampoo so that it doesn't dry out their skin. The fur isn't what gets to me, though, it's the dandruff. If I get a foster pug in who has bad dandruff I have to treat it immediately or deal with constant wheezing.
    As for the shedding, I try to keep up with it as well as I can. Getting hard floors in most of the house helped a ton.
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    definitely they are huge shedders! that's the first thing i tell everyone who says they want a pug. there is tons of dog hair in my house. now, i'm not the type who minds that, but when people come over, they are warned that they will leave with pug fur all over them - LOL! so, no one wears black in my house!
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    We use air cleaners in the house when my allergies are really terrible. My head hurts a lot on the mornings when I awake to a little pug head sharing my pillow. For us, tolerating the allergy pain is worth it for the love that is returned.

    Both Abby and Max have allergies. We seem to start sneezing at the same time when outside. lol

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    Huge shedders and big for allergies. My hubby takes quantities of antihistamines and has to sleep upstairs away from them frequently. This despite my vaccuuming often and changing the bed linens at least twice a week. The hair that comes out of the lint holder every load could make another pug.
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    I'm very allergic to dogs (and cats, and a lot of other stuff), and I've found that some pugs are worse than others for my allergies.

    My older pug, Rhoda, doesn't bother me much at all -- but she's a single-coated black pug with a VERY soft coat. My younger pug, Marlee, is a fawn with coarser hair, and she can really get me going sometimes. I get hives occasionally from rubbing against her fur, but what kills me are her feet -- if she scratches me with those little claws, I get huge welts.

    For me, it's not the hair so much as the saliva and the nails that get my allergies going. Keeping my pugs very clean (baths about every 2 weeks) does help, though.

    Think very carefully before adding any animal to your household -- I take multiple allergy medications daily and still suffer a bit. But my girls are totally worth it.
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