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Thread: tall pugs????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie-N-Stella View Post
    Stella is always the littlest at the meetups and way fuzzier than the others. It just adds to her charm Ellen mentions the sport model pug, I guess that makes Stella a compact?

    Stella is a cute little compact. I love her name. It would be fun to call her. Stelllllaaaa!
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    How bizarre! I KNOW I replied to this thread with a photo of my Pugs where you can see the difference between long-legged Molly and short-legged Penny! Hmmmm....

    Well... here it is again! (I must be losing my mind!)

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    I do not believe so, I believe that true typical Pugs should have very flat snouts. Also, I think that it is okay for Pugs to have both short and long legs. Samantha does not have short legs and she is skinny. Her snout is also a little bit long, but she is registered to the American Kennel Club. I have seen pictures of both of her parents. I know that her mother is black and her father is fawn. I also believe that their Pug is a cross of a full blooded Pug and another purebred dog of a different breed. This is just my own opinion though. Also, most purebred Pugs that I have met and seen are registered.
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    Stalin has long legs

    They're long enough that I am CONSTANTLY getting comments from strangers. And he's quite thin in body type. However, I did meet his parents and he does have papers....not that those things couldn't all be fake! ( She could've been running a mill with her house as a front, honestly. I love him with all my heart either way. He's my perfect baby.)

    However, he's got the pug nose all the way!

    You should get a picture of this pug in question!
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    My Huron is a longer snouted pug. He has a huge chest that none of the others have (I've never seen a chest on a pug as big as his) he has papers. The only one in our bunch. We were told that he came from an "original" breed line of pugs. LOL!!! But we did see both parents. All of my pugs are different, they way they are built and their facial features.
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    Default pug

    stalin looks just like their pug....long legs thin and longish snout...

    so just proves doesnt it from these pics pugs can look like anything they want to lol...
    see rocky my pug has got a flat face his chin sitcks out more then his nose lol

    from kaz
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    I posted about my boy, Doug (about 50lbs, so his foster mom claimed). I googled "Tall Pugs" and found this thread. I'm sure it's an old one, but now I'm curious. Are there any pics of the pug mentioned in the original post?

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    This is Frankie, he's our tall boy weighing in at about 25lbs. I'm sure he'd
    be happy with a few more pounds!

    This is an older picture as he still has an eye but it's a good view of his
    long legs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snifter View Post
    To me it seems pretty weird that they could see the dad but not the mum. That is a red flag to me.
    yes this
    i totally agree

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