Thank you for the stamps!
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Thread: Thank you for the stamps!

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    Default Thank you for the stamps!

    I was at the Pug Club show yesterday and handed over a HUGE bag of stamps from Janet and some envelopes of stamps from the US from PV.

    The stamp lady, Sue, said to please pass on a HUGE thank you to everybody who has sent their used stamps to help Welfare. She said some of the stamps from the US, Canada and Australia were particularly fantastic!

    With Christmas coming, I hope you'll keep up the good work. Thank you ever so much!
    Almandine and the gang - Forty Fortune, Mr Grimson and Hoagie.

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    It was lovely to see you all!

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    You should be getting some rather nice Maltese stamps if everyone collects for you.
    The American/Canadian friends have a Dolphin doorknocker, which is a traditional knocker on Maltese doors or a painting of The Slaying of John the Baptiste by Caravaggio and the European friends have a lovely vintage picture of a Mail man with his sack of envelopes around his shoulder.

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    Almandine - I just sent off a package today!

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    I've been collecting mine!!

    I have a question, I love to buy interesting stamps to use/collect, but I never use them all. What would be the best way to send off a couple of these? Could I just stick them on plain paper and cut around the edges??
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    I have another envelope to send out right after Christmas, Almandine. Hate to send them in the Christmas rush, but the week after is usually nice and light.
    Otto's mom (also known as Linda)

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    Thumbs up

    I have more also I have everyone at work keeping them for me hope to get another pack out soon!
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    Ok can someone please fill me in here? I have saved all of my envelopes from the card exchange as I remembered hearing something about the stamps.

    What's the deal? Do we just cut them off and put in an envelope? Where should they be mailed to?

    Thanks! (I'm new here, forgive my many questions please!)

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    Here in the UK we collect used postage stamps to raise funds for Pug Welfare, our breed rescue organisation.
    If you can just cut the stamps off the envelopes, leaving just a little bit of paper around them, that's fine. Our stamp lady will do the rest.
    You can post them to Almandine, or to me; PM either of us for an address.
    I have to confess to having put a note about saving stamps on the back of the envelopes of the Christmas cards which I posted out to you wonderful people across the pond; you always help us by sending such interesting stamps. So thanks again in advance!

    H the P

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    I have an envelope whose contents are growing daily! You will be getting mine straight after the holidays.

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