Water: One Pug's Opinion
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Thread: Water: One Pug's Opinion

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    Default Water: One Pug's Opinion

    From the desk of The Most Dainty Doriedog,

    So it appears that my waiters have finally caught on. For the longest time that simply could not understand why I would lay by my half full water bowl and look longingly from it to them. They finally realized that they were simply insulting me by offering me this old water. I mean, it had been out for almost an hour. And it was half full. Do they not realize this is a major faux pas?

    But now things are much better. If my water gets too low or has been out for too long it gets refreshed. I simply don't understand all of the grumbling. After all, they always drink their beverages cold (and they're only servants). Can any of you noble canines commiserate with this sort of shoddy treatment?

    C'est la vie,

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    Taco the Dim, here. Water here is sold from the silver chalice of Ceylon at $2.00 a dipper. Lapping the water is prohibited for public health reasons rising from drool or spit. Paper cups, large enough to accomodate a dipper of water are available at fifty cents additional.

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    LOL. Ours will only drink from the Drinkwell water fountain and it must be bottled water.

    Nancy and Rich loving Abby and Ozzy and Tuko
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    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated ---- M. Gandhi

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    Luckily we have our staff trained to change our water frequently- the clutching of the throat and panting seems to hasten the change!

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    The ever beloved Bella receives filtered water, served at precisely 38 degrees. I just came in from a potty break, it's pouring here. I held an over sized umbrella over her! Your Dorie is rather adorable!!!! Yikes, the things we do for our babies!
    Anna - Mom to Bella, our sweet baby girl
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellasmomma View Post
    I just came in from a potty break, it's pouring here. I held an over sized umbrella over her!
    I have done the exact same thing multiple times...Duke and Lola refuse to drink water without ice cubes or water where the ice has melted-it's WAY too old then!

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    Dorie is so adorable! The water gets changed here very often too.
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    I just love the photo of Dorie......what a cutie!!
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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    I play golf and those golf umbrellas can fit both the girls and I for walks as long as I keep their leashes close.

    I'm not gonna lie my girls get chilled bottled water too...its because we have one of those huge multi-gallon tanks that keeps it chilled...not in the fridge one of the machine ones...and i'll add ice cubes after a while to cool it back down (and if they don't get it all it melts and adds more water) but we make ice cubes with the filtered water as well...so my girls are just as spoiled as their momsy!!! hehe
    I love my D'Arcy and Morgan!
    Megan *Space Cadet*

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    Dorie is adorable!
    Wonka and Nilla have three water's to choose from... two different "pet fountain's" and one plain old bowl. They almost always choose to drink from the filtered, flowing fountains.
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