Break Through Moment, by Voyager
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Thread: Break Through Moment, by Voyager

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    Default Break Through Moment, by Voyager

    Voyager, here. I have experienced a break through moment. Carefully following Taco the Dim's bullet point presentation, then field exercise paws on---I was able to capture my first tick this morning. Then as a curtain call, I scratched my right ear with my right hind claws while maintaining a no wobble standing position. Is Texas ready for this?

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    You are truly a talented youngster and since you have a fondness for 3 legged poses, Liza asks that you step closer. She has a very special 3 legged pose that she would like to show you.
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    Sounds like you're a future candidate for "America's Dogs Got Talent" (apologies for the poor grammar, I didn't name the show ).

    And I'd be careful at others 3-legged poses, might want to wear a towel before getting too close if its the same 3-legged pose Norman keeps showing Doug-Doug

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    Aaah, the impressive tripod scratch!!! It has yet to be mastered by any of the pugs in my house- since hearing about your accomplishment they keep practicing, but there are many "thuds" and "ughs" being heard!

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    You are truly gifted. Mushu is in awe. While he is able to walk and run on three legs when his knee goes wonkie he has not attempted such great talents as you, sir.
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