My Visa Was Revoked, by Voyager
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Thread: My Visa Was Revoked, by Voyager

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    Default My Visa Was Revoked, by Voyager

    Voyager, here. My passport was revoked at the Atoka check point and I was not allowed to cross the Red River and splash into Texas. Weeks of drawl study, crates of canned Dennison chili, apprenticing on pump jacks and drilling rigs are now wasted. The old woman is in tears, and Taco the Dim is high fiving with the were-collie. I am confused. I thought that I was wanted. I went out of my way to bring in a nice tick this morning as a surprise. Now I am marooned, in Eastern Oklahoma.

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    are you sure someone didn't set you and the tick up as a trick?! I don't know it just seems like a scheme a certain someone might do...

    Does this mean you are forever stuck in Oklahoma?! Or just must try to past the Texas customs at the border again at a later date?!

    PS - Is Oklahoma a huge lake yet?!
    I love my D'Arcy and Morgan!
    Megan *Space Cadet*

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    Laura Lovey here and despite what Ceylon may be telling you, you are very much wanted. Seems that the transport realized that this weekend was a weekend dedicated to certain female members of the human race. Something about mothers actually but I don't quite recall. If it doesn't have anything to do with my personal comfort, I'm not interested.

    Have no fear Voyager-your transport will arrive on May 16th. Which is actually my brother Sparky's "gotcha day".
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    Sweet Rascal Joe

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    Poor Voyager, don't feel you aren't wanted, as I'm sure there are many Pug Villagers who would love to take you home! Sounds like you aren't marooned, just delayed! Keep your chin up- and your leg down!

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    Voyager, I'm sure you will make a fine Texan. My father is one and the two of you have much in common. Enjoy another week in OK. I hear that the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.
    Meredith, Libby & Mushu

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