A New Pug Neighbor!!!
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Thread: A New Pug Neighbor!!!

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    Default A New Pug Neighbor!!!

    I was coming home from the store and what do I see????? A pug being walked on our street. DH was outside with our bunch...they were barking and being the obnoxious bunch they are. I unloaded the car and when the new neighbor pug came back I went out to meet them.....I think I scared the young woman.The little pug's name is BeBe and she is 2 years old. A fawn and very pretty. I told the woman my name but she didn't tell me hers. It was fine the family is from another country, and new to the neighborhood I'm sure I totally freaked her out. I will greet her again when I see her. I did tell BeBe what a beautiful girl she is and her Mom said she lays around alot. I said Yes they are couch potatoes and love to lay in your lap. I told her You can see I love pugs. (Pointing to the 5 pugs, 2 bts and beagle in my yard) She did smile at that.
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    You said: "...they are couch potatoes and love to lay in your lap."

    Wouldn't that be a "lap potato"?

    Lucky you, a pug neighbor. Wish we had pug neighbors!

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    Hopefully they will become friendlier. Our neighbors accross the street have a female pug but they put up a privacy fence after a few months and I haven't seen her since. I think they're back yard breeders. If so, I'm better off not knowing.
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