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Thread: My winker-an update

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    I hope Mugzy feels better soon...I'm sorry about what you're going through, I don't think any ever expects to be in situations like this but I think you're doing a good job of handling it...

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    Hugs to little Mugzy - he will be used to having lost the eye very shortly. My foster George lost an eye shortly after he came into rescue because he had a bad ulcer that burst- and it didn't take him long to be used to having just one eye.

    My Suki came into Rescue with one eye, and I have noticed in our 3+ years together that although it doesn't slow her down one bit, if I or one of the other pugs approaches her on that side of her head and she doesn't hear it for whatever reason, it startles her sometimes. Wickett startled her once this way in the bed and she tried to attack him! LOL! So I try to always reach to pet her on the side of her head where she has sight, or I talk to her if there's a situation where she might be startled.

    This has only happened a couple of times over the years, so it's certainly not a constant thing by any means, but maybe just something to keep in mind with Mugzy until he adapts!

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    Poor thing..... I know what it's like to have a pug lose an eye. My Winston lost his left eye a year ago. Recovery was VERY quick. I think he felt so much relief to have it removed (it had been scratched badly, ulcerated adn no matter what we tried, after two weeks of fighting it, it had to be removed). It's all business as usual. They can and do always seem to bump into things occasionally. Can't help it, they can't see off to that side. But no big deal. I compensate a bit for him when we walk so he doesn't walk off a curb or bump a pole. Gotta be that left eye for him sometimes.

    And I'm sorry about Mojo, but if it makes EVERYONE happy, then so be it. It's harder on us humans than anything, I think, when it comes to having to rehome one of the pack.

    Best Wishes.
    Marnie & Winston
    Always and forever missing her Oscar.

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    Hugs to Mugzy I hope he feels better soon.

    And a hug for you, too. You are doing what is best, even though it's hard.
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    Oh sweet Mugzy, I want to kiss him!

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