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Thread: do pugs smell?

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    Talking about feet and the frito smell, that smell reminds me of a sleepy puppy, when they wake up, I love that smell. I used to smell my labs paws often, it was a reminder of those wonderful puppy days. So it isn't just pug paws. My pugs don't smell, and are bathed every couple of months in the winter, more often in the summer.

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    My Bossco used to get "stinky face" if I didnt clean his nose wrinkle out every day. He had a very heavy rope over his nose and all kinds of yucky things used to get in there. Other then that he never had a "yuck smell" His feet didnt stink although he used to smell them all the time for some reason. I thought it was funny.

    Crissy doesnt smell at all and she doesnt have the huge fold over her nose that Bossco did. Her face should be easier to keep clean.
    I didnt even really notice the typical "wet dog" smell on either of them

    Of course I am bias..
    In loving memory of my precious Bossco
    March 16, 2003~July 5, 2009

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    Vivian has the frito feet smell and funky face if I don't clean it, Rupert just has bad breath, but over all they don't have a "doggy smell"
    I love their smells though.
    Donna, Vivian and Stewie..... Rupert forever in my heart

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    my pugs dont smell.
    they are well cared for.
    they do smell wet doggish when they have just had a bath. but what dog doesnt?

    they do shed like crazy so if you dont like hair - you may want to think about this.

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