I feel like a bad mom!
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Thread: I feel like a bad mom!

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    Default I feel like a bad mom!

    My Solo cannot hold his poops....often doesn't know he's doing it.

    He pooped a bit outside this AM...and then again when I brought him in. He also peed outside.

    After breakfast.....he went to the door. He did have a worried look on his face...but I figured he was just wanting to go out to make noise. It was only a bit after 7 on a Sunday morning......and I stained the deck yesterday and am going to try to keep them off it til the sun shines on it later.......

    Well...for the first time in forever...my sweet baby was telling me he needed to go outside to poop and I told him to go lay down! He pooped and then stepped in it before I could get there!!! He pooped quite a bit.....so he was really full of **** today! I apologized to him!!!

    Now...will be watching him when he goes to the door! It's just been so long since he's done that! Shame on me!
    Shayna Pugs
    Chairperson of PDCA Rescue Committee

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    You are a great pug mom - don't you ever second guess that!

    I'm so happy that he's telling you he needs to go, and at the same time i'm sorry that you and he are having to go through this. You know you and your gang are always in my prayers...but please don't ever second guess how great of a mom you are, to pugs and humans!
    I love my D'Arcy and Morgan!
    Megan *Space Cadet*

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    That is just a big pot of hogwash! You love your dogs
    more than anyone I know on earth! You just didn't
    realize he was talking to you this time. You are the best
    pug Mom I know!

    The Georgia Pugs
    If You Can't Say Anything Nice,
    Just Don't Say Anything.

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    Never mind Diane, you've just been re-trained

    Now make sure you practice looking for the signals

    I'm sure Solo has forgiven you.

    ]acqueline et
    Les Parischiennes,
    L'Impératrice Rosephine de Bonaparte
    La Marquise Halcyone de Pompadour

    PUDDING @ 9 wks

    Mademoiselle Amaryllis qui m'attende au pont d'arc 27.3.99-14.11.06

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    Good grief, you are the best pug mom ever! Poor little Solo. You apologized to him, it's ok.

    “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    ~Maya Angelou

    @}-;-Dawn, Momma to Diesel my Pug love and Sicily the tiny Chihuahua ...my loves
    Missing my big boy...^Tuxedo^, Mommy's Landseer and my heart ^Zoe ^my first Pug❤️
    Gizmo my purr-baby, ^Dega^ , my furry angel watching over me from The Rainbow Bridge

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoeZoesmom View Post
    Good grief, you are the best pug mom ever! Poor little Solo. You apologized to him, it's ok.
    Exactly! You are such a good pug mom!
    PV Moderator
    Mom to Phineas and the Fabulous Felines

    And always remembering and missing Phoebe, my heart girl

    "My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet..." ~ Edith Wharton

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    We all make mistakes now and then concerning our pets, but you are far from being a "bad mom". Just give that boy a big kiss and tell him what a good boy he is.

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    You are a wonderful mom! I'm sure Solo understands it was just a mistake and I know you'll be watching closely for his signs from now on. Hugs to you and your puggies.
    with Dave, and pugs Daphne and Olive

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    poor guy....don't feel bad.
    here's a funny story to make you feel better (hopefully).
    A few years back we were on vacation with my friend Chuck, his German Shepard Sarge, and Junior. We were driving thru the Rocky Mtn National Park in Colorado and Sarge was howling up a storm. Chuck said he was just excited because he saw all those trees.....LOL This went on for a while, and all of a sudden we hear......SPLOT, SQUIRT, ETC. Sarge had explosive diarreah and couldn't hold it anymore....poor Junior was in back with him and dodged a bullet.....we pulled over, cleaned up the mess and luckily he got most of it on a comforter......we tossed that comforter....it wasn't worth cleaning! Don't feel bad......Sarge was trying to tell us something too, and we mis-interpreted it. Solo will forgive you.....he knows how much you love him.

    Stephanie, pugmom to Louie Livewire, born 3/15/06
    and my 3 angels waiting at the bridge....
    the very special Junior, my pug angel who is doing agility at the rainbow bridge 11/22/91 - 3/13/06
    the very special Danny, my first dog, a Dandie Dinmont Terrier 4/5/70 - 2/10/84
    the very special Paddy, the pug who was loved around the world, who my family had the pleasure and honor of loving for the last 3 years and 5 months 5/1/98 - 8/6/14

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    We all have days like that and I'm sure Solo has already forgiven you. Just the other day I was so proud of Toby for going out the doggie door and pooping on his own, well then that night he disappeared and I went looking for him. I found him in the den pooping on the carpet One step forward, two steps back

    Christa, Mom to Toby, Kelsey, Summer & Ellie Mae

    missing Riley and Roxy, who are at the bridge
    and my precious Bella 11-2-07 - 05-6-12

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