Oh God Talk Me Out of it!
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Thread: Oh God Talk Me Out of it!

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    Default Oh God Talk Me Out of it!

    So i have 3 female fawn pugs...
    And i have finally found my baby black pug and she's within reach...

    Three fawn pugs plus one black pug equals four pugs in total.

    + =

    You see my dilemma?

    When does that one more pug, become one too many?
    I'm going to vet school after i'm done my biological sciences degree here which will take about 4 years and the plan is to take my Izzie with me leaving mom with only Ruby and Chai. However Izzie's never been an only Pug which leaves me to think she'd get bored alone. I can't take one of the other pugs, they're mom's. And i'd rather not be training a puppy still when i go to move, so right now is perfect coz she'd be 4 and izzie would be 5 when i went to move. The only issue that crops up in my mind is how hard it is to find pet friendly accommodations with one dog, let alone two.

    So pug people, i need advice. The lady said we could work things out since I'm a pug person as far as price goes and if i call before tomorrow and she finds me to be right then the little girl is all mine.

    The hardcore pug lover in me is saying "What's one more?" while the rational thinking side of me is saying "When you move it's going to make it harder to find a place."


    Get Pugged!

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    Well, it does probably mean extra pet deposit, and more forward planning. But on this one, the answer is probably yes, do it.

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    I have 5 dogs. 3 pugs, 2 boxers. And our house is nice and full for me.

    A big important question is.... Can you afford two on your own?
    T, Mr. Wilson the Golden Retriver, Lola~Beth bulldog. Missing Yoda, Wickett and Blizken, MaeCee Jo Boxer, Mary~Kate, Mavis, Tallulah Belle and Archie Moe together at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    Yes...think of the expense.... With you going to vet school tho...vetting will be cheaper!

    I'd do it! School takes time and your fawn will have company!
    Shayna Pugs
    Chairperson of PDCA Rescue Committee

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    no help here... but excitement with you...

    Ayleash ... Sponsor of the Pugs: Captain and Niko, and Pack leader of: Tigger (2005-2016), and ...My SECOND rescue Terrier... a girl for Tigger... Ohna... and now... DECKER!! (The Dog Formerly Known As (TDFKA) Batman!)

    See some pics of my life recently (including the hounds, of course) at:https://picasaweb.google.com/1045433...eat=directlink and http://picasaweb.google.com/engntnc

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    It sounds like you have already talked yourself into it....3, 4 what's the difference. I'm no help at all

    Christa, Mom to Toby, Kelsey, Summer & Ellie Mae

    missing Riley and Roxy, who are at the bridge
    and my precious Bella 11-2-07 - 05-6-12

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    Sorry, can't help. I think it'd be great. Mushu and Libby are the best of friends. They definately like having company.
    Meredith, Libby & Mushu

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    Seems to me the pros outweight the cons. Izzie is used to company and I think she would be very lonely by herself. I would feel better about leaving her knowing she had another Pug to snuggle with. Pet-friendly places are more willing to accept smaller breed dogs but as has been mentioned the deposit will probably be more for 2. As for your current situation - really adding one more to the 3 already there doesn't seem like that much to me (of course, I have 6). Once you get past 2 or 3, what's one more? Just more to love and more to love you. I think you've already decided and were hoping to be talked out of it. Sorry, no can do. I say go for it.
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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    I'm not going to be able to talk you out of it either. It just sounds like you have more reasons to add another pug than not!
    But you are the one who will know best. Listen to what your heart tells you, deep down, is the right thing to do. Good luck in your decision!
    with Dave, and pugs Daphne and Olive

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    I wouldn't be able to talk myself out of adding one more.

    It shouldn't be too difficult to find a place that allows small pets. Some apts will even work with you on the pet deposit. Ours let us pay over a two month period.

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