Will wrinkles on PUGs become more pronounced with age? Mine is only 8 weeks old (pic)
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Thread: Will wrinkles on PUGs become more pronounced with age? Mine is only 8 weeks old (pic)

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    Default Will wrinkles on PUGs become more pronounced with age? Mine is only 8 weeks old (pic)

    From the many litters of PUGs i've seen, baby pugs tend to have less wrinkles than their adult forms. Personally, I prefer them w/o wrinkles, but my girlfriend believes they will eventually have them regardless. Will they occur across the dog's back as well? I've seen some images of dogs where the wrinkles are simply too much on the eyes and are there methods of avoiding it?

    You can view and vote for my brand new puppy pug here!

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    All pugs have wrinkles, some more some less and you cant really tell from a puppy how it's going to grow into it's adulthood even if the parents seem smooth faced. Some have folds that come out around their neck too, some have turkey giblets on their necks later in life.

    There are other breeds you could have gotten if you don't like wrinkles. Or found an adult pug that has a face that you love because some are smoother than others. But of course, a lot of people want the cute puppies.

    Pugs are beautiful because of their unique wrinkles and I hope you're not seriously asking a forum of dedicated advocates and Pug parents how to alter and prevent an animals natural look for aesthetic pleasantness for you. Yes there are ways, but that are cruel to animals and real lovers of their pets will not advocate pinning the folds back. There is risk of it pulling the muscles where it shouldnt or popping the very sensitive pug eyes out. None of us would probably know how to do the pinning because we don't have to heart to let our furbabies be anything but themselves. The wrinkles are there for a reason just like they are on bulldogs and sharpeis and none of them need face lifts- just lots of love and kisses to the wrinkles and a whole lot of face cleaners.

    Bottom line, love the pug you're with.
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    The wrinkles depend on the 'breeding line' some people prefer heavy wrinkles and others less. Therefore some will have rolls down their back other not.
    It is part and parcel of the breed. Keeping your dog fit and slim, will prevent heavy fat folds.

    I'm sure by the time your pup develops wrinkles, you'll already have a deep bond with it.

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    Excessive wrinkling can be an issue for the Shar-Pei breed. Not pugs. The only wrinkling issue with pugs that I know of is that a very heavy nose wrinkle can sometimes cause irritation to the eyes if the wrinkle hairs rub the eyes.

    The wrinkles will develop as she ages. Look at my avatar - that is Snifter as an 8 week puppy and then look at the picture of him at the right hand end of my signature. (The other puppy pics in my signature are Toddy so not good for comparison). The degree of wrinkling will depend on her genes - the look of her parents will be a good guide.

    She may or may not get back wrinkles. That depends on her genes and her weight.

    Discuss the matter with her breeder if you have concerns.

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    The pugs head should have wrinkles as per the standard

    Pug Dog Club of America

    The amount of wrinkles on the head......as well as on the body are usually genetic.
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    my penny is doesnt have as many wrinkles as most and is probably a touch underweight (she hasn't heard yet that pugs are supposed to be couch potatoes so shhhh) but even she has back wrinkles and they just add to the cuteness. You have room under that skin for a 2nd pug - just proves how useful the breed really is ;-)

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    Wrinkles are a part of the pug breed and is what makes a pug a pug among many other things. I have actually never seen a pug without wrinkles. All of our pugs have different degrees of wrinkles depending on their genes. Every breed of dog has distinct characteristics and the wrinkles happen to be one of the pugs.

    As Snifter (Bella) pointed out it is not excessive. I have an overweight pug that does not have much "wrinkle" to his back his wrinkles are on his face and I love every one of them.

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    Wrinkles are a part of the breed standard and for most of us, something we're quite fond of. Nothing to me like that wrinkled, quizzical look that my Winston gives me. It's all genetics though, every pug is different. Definitely not hard on the eyes for me!
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    Bottom line, love the pug you're with.

    That is a great one!

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    i second the others
    btw your puppie is the cutest :)

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