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Thread: Kobe went on a binge last night

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    Stalin loooooves alcohol. We let him lick the top of the bottle after we have a drink if it's beer or a hard mike's. He's had a lick of wine and even champagne on new years. He's never actually had a full slurp, tho!
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    I have 2 male pugs. George is 11 years old and tries to get to his daddy's drink: canadian club & juice.
    Rocky who is 10 goes crazy over my son's beer.

    George runs from the beer is offered to him and Rocky is not interested in the mixed drink!

    As an overprotective mom (and the official party pooper ) I yell at both guys to quit sharing with my furkids!
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    Two Christmases ago, we hosted a family dinner at our house (26 adults) and Paco got into someone's drink (or drinks?)

    It was *NOT* a pretty sight. He couldn't walk. He couldn't even sit straight. We took him to the emergency vet and they gave him charcoal and we waited for it to aborb the alcohol. He threw up in my car on the way home, and then on the (white) carpet in our living room (that was not a pretty sight either, let me tell you ... charcoal on a white carpet!!)

    Needless to say, we watch him very closely around drinks now (he did not learn his lesson - the day after his little binge he tried to drink my rum and eggnog )

    Honey on the other hand, I don't think has ever tried to imbibe.

    owned by Paco and Honey (the Pugs) and Logan and Bailey (the cats)

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    That story sounds like a naughty teen-ager pinching drinks at the family party....

    At least Kobe didn't stagger or puke. I guess he holds his liquor well. LOL....

    Take care,
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    - Mohandas Gandhi

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    chubbs is a drinker, he likes milk, orange juice, dr. pepper, etc. very bad pug! you can't trust him for a second!
    My two fat pugs! Toby rescued April 25, 2008 & Betz rescued November 15, 2009.

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    Oh Phoebe is quite the little alcoholic. I was at my friends shop (independent automotive shop) and on Friday evenings we usually hang out there and have a few drinks after the shop closes. Well I take Phoebe when I go and the one time my friend decided he thought it would be cool to give her a little taste of beer. I was ready to slap him...Well sure enough now Phoebe will do anything to get her paws on beer. She can be sound asleep on the couch snoring away and she will hear a beer open and she will be alert. She will try her best to get her tongue in your bottle. She will even stand on your shoulders and head to try to get some
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    My Misty loves Miller Lite. Occassionally I will give her a can that is almost empty and she plays with it and laps at the can opening- But alcohol is very poisonous to dogs- (as is anything with caffeine)- so I don't give her the cans too often, and she only gets a few drops.

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    Daphne will drink anything in her reach, so I've become pretty good at not leaving any drink, even water, unattended on a table she can reach. Our friend's dog is pickier. My husband had a Killian's Red at their house once and their dog was enjoying licking the top of the bottle. A bit later someone spilled a bud light so he ran over, took a few licks, then went back to my husband, looking for the Killian's!
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    I call Bella my little wino. Any time that I have a glass of wine, she is right there & would stick her head in the glass if I let her (which I don't). I will occasionally stick a finger in my glass & let her lick it, though. That usually makes her happy enough that she will go and lay down. The other pugs could care less.
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    Gus is a wine connoseur - red wine in particular. He will happily lick it off your finger if offered and if he's sat on my lap and I'm having a glass of wine he licks the bottom of the glass as if he can get to it that way! Can't have a glass of wine in peace with him around.

    He's also now discovered the recyling box where we store the empty bottles. I caught him licking the tops of the empty wine bottles today! He's also partial to Baileys so you have to be careful where you put your glass or he'll be in there.

    Ruby is more of a beer monster, given half a chance. Have to watch beer bottles and cans or she's into them. She did once have quite a bit of beer (for a pug) and reacted just like a human - got a bit feisty, then started being all loving towards us, then fell asleep! Needless to say she doesn't get near beer now

    Fiona, Ruby & Gus

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