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    My Harley and Teddy (my Yorkie) are NOT fond of each other. Most of the time they play very well but when it comes to playing fetch they fight a lot. Especially because my Teddy is a little sh&t he gets MEAN when he's playing fetch. He is VERY toy possessive! I think Harley is trying to calm him down. They have never drawn blood because I have never let them escalate that far. But 90% of the time it happens when we go to the dog park. They have only fought at home ONE time which I stopped very fast. They know I will NOT put up with that BS. I have no advice but I will be watching this thread also for some help. In my case it only happens in WIDE open areas like dog parks where I cannot control them if they get over excited! And only when they are on the other side of the park from me. They know momma won't allow fighting. I take a NO FIGHTING, NO EXCUSES approach!
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    I know the behavior, Just like my real kids, it would start with rough play...all in fun, then someone would get hurt and someone would get mad and then it would be a brawl!

    Other than the above scenario, for the me the most common time for them to turn on each other when excited is feeding time, while they are watching and waiting for the food to be prepared.

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    it's a hard situation, for sure. my mom's pug and my violet fight like that when she comes to visit. it was very stressful in the past, but we have learned what triggers the fights and we try to avoid those things. for them, it's a lot of commotion or sharing a lap or food. so, we feed them separately and get up quickly if one gets on our laps. also, if we catch them staring each other down, we will do something to distract them. their fights can be pretty bad. the last time they had a big fight, violet ripped daisy's ear, which was bleeding. i'm just glad the two don't live together. i think a trainer would be wise or even doggie prozac for the more aggressive one. although, meds would be a last resort. you could talk to your vet about that and get a good trainer in the meantime.
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