12) Ceremony
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Thread: 12) Ceremony

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    Default 12) Ceremony

    the ceremony and vows goes on this thread
    A pugs world is full of play and sleep and of course good food.........

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    (Processional plays: How much is that doggy in the window)
    YouTube - How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

    Wally says:
    Dearly beloved pugkind and hired staff, we have gathered online today to celebrate the marriage of this dog Doug, and this bitch Maggie, in virtual matrimony.
    We wish them all the best as they move forward from this day as one, even if they never get to meet each other, and since Doug is neutered anyway, well, they’re probably not missing much.

    If anyone should know of any reason that these pugs should not be joined together in virtual matrimony, howl now or forever hold your peace.

    Doug and Maggie will now say their vows under the chuppah, which represents the loving home that they will make together.

    Doug and Maggie each repeat the following after Leto:

    I promise to be faithful and loyal and to give you my companionship and love throughout our lives and on to the Bridge.
    I vow to bring you happiness ... all of my squeakiest toys and my nommiest chewies.
    I will treasure you as my companion, even if you are kind of bug eyed and have bad breath.
    I will walk beside you offering courage and strength, except when our leashes get tangled together or that big Doberman chases us, then you’re on your own.
    I promise to support your dreams, especially the ones where kibble falls from the sky or we chase dragons together.
    I will celebrate the joys of life and we will run pugtonas together forever.
    From this day forward, I will be proud to be your mate and your best friend.

    Wally says:

    Doug, as you fetch the Frisbee and bring it back to Maggie, say: “With this flying ring, I thee wed.......”

    Maggie, as you fetch the Frisbee and bring it back to Doug, say: “With this flying ring, I thee wed.......”

    Leto continues:

    A Celtic tradition is to bind the hands of the bride and groom with ribbons. Each ribbon signifies a different facet of married life. As Pugkind does not hold paws, you will roll around together in many coloured leashes until you are all tangled up.

    Maggie and Doug,
    These are the paws of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow, and forever.
    These are the paws that will walk alongside yours, on green grass and hot pavement, as you walk through life together.
    These are the paws that will step on you and smack you in the face through the years, and with the slightest touch, will comfort you like no other.
    These are the paws that will hold your chewies for you.
    These are the tongues that will countless times wipe tears and eye goobers from your eyes.
    These are the noses that will tenderly nuzzle your puppies.
    These are the wagging cinibun tails that will give you strength when you need it.
    These are the faces that, even when grey and more wrinkled than they are now, will still be reaching for your toys, and these bulgy eyes till giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a glance.

    Wally explains while Maggie and Doug roll in the grass:
    Red is for big wet slurpy kisses.
    Orange is for snuggly pug cuddles.
    Yellow is for fun toys and pugtonas.
    Green is for lots of good food, and no liver problems.
    Blue is for napping and staying by our people.
    Purple is for being brave and strong when confronted by big dogs and vacuum cleaners.
    Black is for doing well in puppy school and making our people proud.
    White is for our halos when we’re good.
    Gray is for sometimes being a little bit bad.
    Pink is for sticking together and loving all pugkind.
    Brown is for digging in the dirt, making the best holes ever.
    Silver is for knowing where to dig to find treasure in the dirt.
    Gold is for being smart pugs and playing hard and loving well our whole long lives.

    As the hired staff untangles the leashes, Leto says:
    Would the witnesses and the couple please come forward to place their mark on the register, while our soloist Zeena sings Ave Maria.

    YouTube - Sarah Brightman - Ave Maria - HQ

    Leto finishes:

    Bitches and dogs, I present to you, Maggie and Doug Pug!
    You may lick the bride.


    (recessional plays: Who let the dogs out)

    YouTube - Who Let the Dogs Out- Doggie Pics
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    I need a tissue~ What a beautifully written ceremony!
    Mom To
    Fabulous Felines Quinn & Mia
    My Beautiful Quarter Horses & Paints

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    beautifully done
    i need a tissue too
    such creative writing
    well done
    A pugs world is full of play and sleep and of course good food.........

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    Brilliantly done!


    Hopelessly "Pugged" ,


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    LOL I love the vows, very clever and the pictures are good too:)

    Christa, Mom to Toby, Kelsey, Summer & Ellie Mae

    missing Riley and Roxy, who are at the bridge
    and my precious Bella 11-2-07 - 05-6-12

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    Tissue? I need a big ol hand towel! So precious!
    Ma to Joy
    MuShu & Kaya's Grand"Ma"'

    "A dog naps so much because he loves so hard."

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    beautiful! x

    Ti Amore Scooby Snack - 13/04/10

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    such beautiful words, very well written and the pictures are great

    Proud mummy to Barney

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    What a touching ceremony, just beautiful.
    The staff and Maggie will take good care of her liver. If you all remember Maggie is my liver shunt puppy.
    Susan, mom to Bo, Lucy and Finn

    Honoring Sruffy, Maggie Mae, Jenny, Trooper, Kaja,Muff, and Pepper

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