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Thread: Which shall I buy?

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    Question Which shall I buy?

    Hey guys,
    I'm new to this website and also hoping to soon be introduced into the world of pug life.

    I am looking to purchase a pug, and I was hoping I could get some help on what to look out for?

    I was hoping to get the smallest breed of pug, as I much prefer the smallest a dog can be!!!!! So I have been looking at Chugs, however, Im scared that they may turn out to look more chihuahua rather than pug. What do you suggest?
    There are chugs for sale which are 3/4 Pug, and only 1/4 chihuahua, as the mother is chug, and their father is full breed pug, so this should make them lean more towards the pug side of looks. Have any of you come across any chugs or could you give any advice about whether I should risk getting a chug or just get a full breed pug?

    I also don't know which colour I should go for, fawn or all black????

    Any other information and help you could give me would also be VERY much appreciated.

    THANK YOU in advance!!!!!!

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    Pugs need companionship (and I do mean all the time, I have no idea when last I was without my girl, and this includes the bathroom). They need training (especially with housebreaking they can be slow to catch on), they have health issues, they are clever and willful and wonderful dogs, the very best dogs in my opinion, but not one you should get just for the cute face. The cute face sure helps, but where they shine is in their clownish, companionable natures. They do not thrive on only occasional human interaction, and they are not jogging companions as a rule either. And they shed. Don't fool yourself. Just like I can't remember when last I was alone, I can't remember clothing or furniture without pug hair.

    If you want a pug, get a pug. A chug will have some puggy characteristics, some chihuahua characteristics, some characteristics all dogs have, and are very often bred by unscrupulous people charging a fortune for a mutt. Which means there is often no concern for the genetic health of the parents, their knees, hips, temperament... none of this matters as much as getting 'cute' puppies. You're as likely to get a crazy, unstimulated, unhealthy dog as you are to get a stable one, it's a gamble. Supporting these breeders is very difficult to justify, in my opinion, while shelters run over.

    If you want a puppy, start researching good breeders. These breeders will show their dogs, or will compete in some kind of dog activity to confirm to themselves and to prove to you that their dogs have genetic material worth carrying on. They will do health checks (eyes, knees, hips, breathing, pug dog encephalitis are the big ones), and they will want you to fill in a questionnaire (or at least talk to them) about your ideas for this pup, what you'll feed, where it will sleep, etc. The puppy will come with a contract that states that this dog should go back to them if for any reason you cannot keep it, and will have prescriptions about neutering or even an arrangement to breed with the pup, depending on the circumstances and if you want to show the dog/compete in dog sports. This is the puppy you should get if you want a pup.

    If size is your primary concern, getting a puppy is a bad idea. Chugs grow to be pug-sized often enough, and with mixed dog genetics can grow even larger. Go to a pug rescue, and adopt a dog that has reached its adult size (anywhere from about 8 months on, though they do fill out around the shoulders and head until after two years old). This way, you'll know you're getting the smallest pug, because it's done growing.

    Fawn/black is really down to personal preference. Some say black pugs shed less (sometimes, maybe? The hair is a bit less noticeable because it's black), some say black pugs are more spunky (again, sometimes? Goodness knows, that's not the case here!). Choose the right dog, and love the colour they come in as a bonus, I'd say :)

    As an aside, size is no guarantee of easy keeping. My girl is little, she maxed out at 5.6 kilos/12lbs as an adult, but she is way, way more of a handful than our big, 40 kilo/90lb dog. Though, she does fit into my lap quite a bit better than he does!!

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