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Thread: Getting a puppy. Male or Female?

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    I browsed this thread and now considering to get not one but two pups

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    Default Me and my baby

    Hello pug lovers I am getting female pug on Saturday she is so sweet or she was when I went to pick one out that I wanted.I knew I wanted a girl pug but almost got a male he was so pretty.but my little girl she came up to me and started licking my hand and that's all it took.Yes I am a sucker for dog's .I'm new here and can not find a way to add a picture of us.I'm going to try and add a picture of us both here.Well I can't find the picture I want but this is the very first time I saw my baby.I'll take a lot of picture after I get her home.Well I can't get this to work either.Maybe later I will have the time to do this I sure hope so.
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    I always have boys just a kinda thing at my home . I am the only female. I actually don‘t know why we decided to just have boys. But it makes it easier picking a puppy. It is most important to find the right breeder. Rather pass on a cute puppy if the breeder does not offer a health guarantee.

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    Within the last 7 months I have gotten one of each. They both have completely different personalities. Lolli is 10 months old and up until we got Murphy (3 months) she was a bundle of energy and required constant attention, she is very smart and took to housetraining very quickly but was crazy hyper and a biter (and we tried everything), we used to love when 730 pm came around because that would be when she would finally snuggle and relax. Murphy is very chill, loves to play with Lolli all day long but if he’s not playing with her he is in my lap or as close as he can get and as snuggly as can be, he gently will bite my hand but if I say no he will pull away, he is doing well with housebreaking but it might be because he follows a Lolli outside and she has mostly trained him. Our boy Tucker was always a very chill pug so when we got Lolli it was a bit of an adjustment getting used to her busyness. So in our experience the boys have been more chill but honestly they are both just the best parts of my day. Good luck.
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    Same here really - very energetic, bossy girl (almost 4 years) and very laid back, hen pecked boy(nearly 2 years) - although he doesn't seem to mind being bossed around!
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    Never had a girl but have two boys who literally could not be any more different in their personalities! One is 6 1/2 and one is 7 months granted but even so, they are so different it's unreal.
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    Just like humans...

    the males will mark

    the females will be more demanding.
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