I just came across this post on craigslist. I don't knwo if it's for real but I thought I would post it just in case.

PLEASE CROSS POST !!!! ESPECIALLY TO PITBULL RESCUERS!!!....................small dogs are often used as BAIT DOGS!! BEWARE!

For those unaware, *Cathy Bradford* is the wife of one of the men sentenced & convicted in the July 2009 *dog fighting* bust in MO. She is currently in the state of IL and is actively posing as a dog rescuer; taking in pit bulls and then using them for illegal dog fighting. One IL rescue received 3 applications from her last week alone. We are concerned that she will look to the southern rescues where people are not as familiar with her. Please notify your fellow rescues and rescuers, transporters, and shelters to flag this woman and mark as a DNA (do not adopt). You can also find a DNA/DNT/DNF link on Face Book that is an excellent resource of who not to adopt to, let transport, or let foster for those in the puppy community.